Why Google+ Failed (miserably), How to Use Idiotic Facebook Addictions to Grow Your Business, & Did They Lie To You About Traffic!?

Ok my friends.  Time for some good ole heart to heart marketing insights. :) You know, the ones you can make a lot of moolah from.

So, after Google+ roared on the scene with the fastest 10,000,000 members in social networking history… it’s now about as much of a joke as MYSPACE.  (remember that?, ha)

Yes… it’s so sad, that even Google’s top executives, employee’s and TEAMS don’t even use it.  Check it out…

facebook marketing secrets

But it’s not just that most of the people who run Google don’t even use their own products, there has been a MASSIVE decline in traffic to Google+ since it’s beta launch in June.

Some estimates show Traffic fell on Google+ over 60% since it’s recent highs, and some estimate even more.  All I know, is if I go on Google+ now, the people who use to be posting aren’t posting anymore, & everyone seems to be back on Facebook as if it never even happened. It’s a ghost town.

Sad for ole big G… but frankly, it’s their own Fault.

how to market on facebook, google+ statistics

And to make matters worse, one of their very own chief engineers just went on a rampage as to how “No One In Google Gets It”.  He posted his rant on his google+ blog, and it leaked out to the press before he could remove it.

If you want to read it, he pretty much ripped into the entire Google team for yet again another failure showing they don’t understand “Platforms”.  You can read his rant on CBS news here… Google Engineer Goes On Rampage.

Now, the Big Question is WHY?

Why did Google+ fail?

And truth be told… I think it’s blatantly obvious.  The world doesn’t need another Facebook. The world doesn’t need ANOTHER SOCIAL NETWORK LAYER on top of it.  We already have one.  The social framework has been laid ON TOP of our world.

And it’s Facebook.

Think about it… why would you want to go to the hassle of getting all your friends, all your contacts, all your fans, all your family, all your acquaintances onto ANOTHER social network?  Why would you want to do that?

When you can already connect with them, already share your pictures, your videos, your life, & a TON of other things on Facebook?

It makes no sense.  And that’s why I said from the start… Google+ will be a failure. The world doesn’t need another Facebook.

And frankly, it was just small minded arrogant thinking on Google’s end, to really even take this on.  They’re so damn afraid of facebook (which we’ll talk about why in a minute), that they didn’t even think rationally about how this is going to play out.

They weren’t thinking… “how do we truly add the next layer of value to the world”.  They were thinking… “How do we get Facebook’s Market Share?”.

I can guarantee it.  If they were truly wanting to deliver value, they wouldn’t have tried to give people something they already had.

And hopefully by now… if you’ve learned anything from me you know that one of those conversations is DOOMED to fail most of the time.  While the other one is truly the WINNING place to come from.  That’s part 1 of the failure.

Part 2 of Google+ Failure: The Metric More Important Than Traffic…

There was more to Google’s oversight than just the obvious.  This second one is subtle, but AMAZINGLY powerful and it’s also why I’m predicting Facebook will make you richer than google made a lot of marketers if you master it over the next 3 years. Much much Richer.

The metric MORE important than traffic is “Time On Site”.

This is the single biggest reason Google launched Google+.  Because they know this, and I’ll explain why.

You see, while Google still has higher unique visitor traffic volume monthly than facebook (for now)… there is another Metric they are getting CRUSHED ON.  One… that ultimately is going to make them a smaller, less powerful company.

facebook marketing training

Here’s why this is such a big deal.

Have you observed your behavior lately?  Just start watching it…

How often do you go to Google to search things now a days?

How many times when you go to Google do you click on a Google ad?


How often are you on facebook now a days?

How much time do you spend on Facebook now a days?

While you’re on facebook, do you notice the seemingly new ads always popping up your way, & do you ever click on them?

How often do you click on them?

These Answers Are of PARAMOUNT Importance to Marketing…

You see, what does it matter if you have an extra 10 million visitors per month, if the 115 million visitors on the OTHER SITE are clicking the ads 5x more than yours?

When I started just observing what I was doing now a days, I realized I probably click 5-10x more facebook ads than google.

That is a HUGE HUGE metrics.  Not only does that mean Facebook is going to grow more powerful, faster, and have MORE of the market share…

… but it tells you WHERE THE HECK you want to focus your skill & expertise in marketing!  It tells you where the fish are, and what you should be investing a lot of your time & energy into to become a successful marketer!

This is significant.  Because these trends… are ONLY going to get bigger.

Which Leads Us to A Very Important Question…

Now, how in the world did Facebook manage to build a “Social Framework” on top of the entire world?  What was their secret sauce?  They’re currently approaching on 800,000,000 users.

What made that possible?  Well, there’s lots of things.  I’ll just point out a few simple ones, and a few not so simple ones.

#1. MySpace & Friendster SUCKED.

Frankly put… if they hadn’t been so incompetent and screwed those companies up… Facebook should never have gotten as far as they did. They just flat out took their eye off the ball, & stopped innovating.

They didn’t develop the platform at the speed facebook did, and they didn’t simplify.  Given their head start, if they hadn’t screwed it up they would be the social framework on top of the world.

#2. Facebook innovated how we connect with our friends, share photos, videos, & our lives, & did it completely intuitively.

They’re tagging system was simply friggin genius.  They changed how photos’ were shared on the web.  that ONE product line of Facebook’s, is personally my favorite.  It’s like… I don’t even need to take photo’s!!  Because I know I’ll be tagged in the good ones & get em anyway. Heh, lazy man’s reasoning.  But I’m truly terrible with pictures.

On top of that, how they interconnected everyone & everything was just simply genius.  They filled the NEED human beings have of being connected to one another, & they did it simply & intuitively.

Something the other sites did not do well enough.

#3. Facebook Figured Out How to Get You ADDICTED to them, no Matter WHAT your Fix.

This is the one most people don’t get.  Yet it’s another pillar of Facebook’s success.


small business on facebook

API Stands for “Application Programming Interface.”

Now, why this is so significant is because ANYONE can build applications on top of Facebook.  You know those stupid farmville, cityville, & mafia wars things popping up on your page all the time?

Yea, well… 73 million people are playing Farmville.  More people than TWITTER!!

And hundreds of more millions are playing thousands of more games all on top of Facebook’s platform.

Not to mention… there’s a CRAZY amount of other applications, and things for people to do.  You see, Facebook was GENIUS.

They created the FIRST OPEN SOURCE social network.  They have grown so much because they let the USERS of the site determine how they were going to spend their time on that site…

… and they created the possibility for innovative developers, entrepreneurs, & gamers to come in and CREATE millions of different applications for people to use on top of their platform.

At the end of the day… this means there’s SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE.  If you’re on facebook, you can find just about damn near anything to keep you interested.

People use facebook now for so many different reasons it’s insane. It’s not just a social network.  Facebook created an open source social network… allowed innovation to spread from WITHIN it’s own community, controlled BY millions of other people… and they just created the platform for it all to happen on.

Facebook in effect created such a HUGE win for people… they now spend 3x more time on Facebook than any other site in the world. That’s the knock out punch.

Now we understand why hundreds of millions of people are hopelessly addicted to Facebook & next… you learn how to PROFIT FROM IT.

You see, there are several very key lessons to take from this.

#1 Lesson: TIME ON SITE is what I believe to be the most important Internet Metric in the world.

It’s the precursor to everything else.  It’s the pre cursor to you getting sales.  The precursor to you building a following. the precursor to people joining your business from your websites online.  For other websites like facebook & google, it’s the difference between BILLIONS of dollars.

But what does time on site really mean?

Well… think about it.  Time on site is a reflection of VALUE.  It’s a reflection of the value that user is getting from the time they spend ON your site.

If they’re getting value… they spend their time there! The higher your time on site metric is… it means the more VALUE people are getting from your site.

What more of a precious commodity exists for us then our time? That’s literally our LIFE.  If we choose to spend our time with someone, on something, etc… we are choosing to spend our LIFE on that very thing.

There’s no difference. And I don’t know about you… but what I spend my life on is pretty important to me.  I’m not going to spend my life on crap. No way.

So the time on site metric is literally your direct indicator of how VALUABLE your site is to your prospects.  Ummmm, are you getting this!?

Do you know how long people spend on your sites currently? How long on your squeeze pages, blogs, videos, websites, etc?

That is your MEASUREMENT of success pretty much summed up.  If that # is high… you are probably making a killing.

This puts ALL the onus back on how much value we’re truly delivering to our market place.  How valuable are our videos, our capture pages, our sales pages, our emails, our facebook tweets, our products, etc.

All the onus goes back into asking ourselves… “What did I WANT when I was searching for a business, a sponsor, information, etc?”  “What was truly valuable to me?”  “How can I build for people exactly what I want myself?”.

If you answer those questions in your marketing… you will be kicking ass.

#2 Lesson: Facebook is the KING.

I will keep saying this until you really get it.  Facebook is only getting bigger.  You have GOT to develop & build your facebook marketing skills.

Those little ads on the side of facebook are some of the most opportunistic chances you might ever get to build a business… and it’s only getting bigger.

If people are clicking facebook ads more than google’s… think about the implications.  Think about what that could mean for your business if you find a nice little niche market on facebook… and just DOMINATE with killer ads, killer fan page content, killer capture pages, etc.  You can CRUSH it right now.   There’s an insane amount of opportunity.

So… Some Final Thoughts.

Marketing is an art.  You’ve got to really LOVE marketing if you’re going to excel at it.  It’s like anything in life… you learn as you go.  You get better as you practice.  You’ve got to be PASSIONATE about what it is you do… or you’ll always do it halfheartedly.

To me, marketing is so important to ANY mission I have in life… because it’s literally HOW I communicate my message to an audience.

Marketing is Everything my friends.

Trying to get a girlfriend or boyfriend? Saying dumb stuff on a first date is bad marketing.

Want to get a raise at work? Know the right way to position your offer to your boss, or it won’t happen.  That’s marketing.

Want to get your 3 people to your company’s call tonight?  Well, whatever you say to get them there is MARKETING.

And most people’s marketing flat out sucks.

If you want to experience rapid success in life… then become PASSIONATE about marketing.  Fall in love with it.

Fall in love with it for the RIGHT reasons.  Fall in love with it because it’s literally the medium for you to REACH the planet with your message.  Marketing is the medium for you to reach YOUR audience with your core value.

If you believe in the products & services you are offering the world… then it’s your damn RESPONSIBILITY to become a good marketer. It’s your responsibility to get your message out to the world.

Translate the passion you have for your own success, your own products, your own dreams & goals… translate that passion into a DESIRE to learn & practice marketing.

Trust me… it will change the results you produce in life big time.

Final Actions…

#1: Start tracking & measuring the metric “Time On Site” for every single visitor you get to all your web properties. This is one of the BEST tracking tools you’ll ever find. Clicktale

#2: Look for what YOU WOULD WANT on a website like yours if you landed there… then BUILD IT. That will put you head & shoulders above your competition, and it will ensure your site is truly VALUABLE to your prospects.

#3: Always strive to be the very BEST PERSON in your niche you can, offering your prospects the most authenticity, real content, & incredible solutions you can.

#4: UPGRADE your facebook skills.

I’m going to be hosting a webinar next week that I’ll send you an invitation too about Facebook.  It’s KICK BUTT, and I’m excited to share some updated strategies we’ve been working on to really cash in.  Be on the look out for it.

Rock and roll my friends.  Hope you appreciated today’s lessons, & we’ll chat again soon!

Yours in Mastery,
Jonathan Budd

P.S. if you want to give VALUE to your followers right now, then like this & share it with them on facebook.  They’ll appreciate you for it! :)



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116 Responses to Why Google+ Failed (miserably), How to Use Idiotic Facebook Addictions to Grow Your Business, & Did They Lie To You About Traffic!?

  1. Lauren says:

    I could not resist commenting. Well written!

  2. David says:

    Facebook becoming bigger than google as a company will not happen, not ever. Google failed miserably at social networking, agreed. They have so much more to offer than facebook however. Seriously who uses another search engine or say, mapquest ? Android anyone? There is over 500 million android devices sold to date. http://androidcommunity.com/eric-schmidt-outs-1-3-million-android-activations-daily-500-million-devices-worldwide-20120905/

    I completely agree that facebook is killing google completely in the social networking network. Their problem is that they are focused solely on that website. Lets not even talk about their so predictable market crash. In a few years google will be ridiculously huge and pretty much know everything about everyone.

  3. Google+ defualt layout says:

    I think the real reason behind the traffic collapse of Google+ is mainly because of two things the looks and the fact circles dont let ppl gossip cuz they can be shut out of a part of ur life wich i understand is usefull but its also another reason ppl dont join it cuz theyre nosy and want to see things abt u…

    The layout in itslef is ugly bland and white… you get tired of looking at that white grey layout fairly quick not saying facebook is gorgeous either but at least a shade of blue is added in there. Google + does not feel natural either its layout feels weird clicking all over and the icons can be confusing to me at times no matter how many times i use it i find myself confused with the circles and profile icons they look so much alike. Why have a circle and two circles *simillar looking icons* represent two different things? THIS IS GOOGLE+ MAKE MY PROFILE ICON MAKE SENSE MAKE IT A PLUS NOT A FREAKING CIRCLE THATS WHAT CIRCLES ARE FOR… WHAT THE HECK?? also the way it displays notifications is freaking annoying…

    Notifications go like this:
    1 in a box next to your tiny google pic thingy dock bar thing… above… click this and a notification windows pops up, ok, so i want to reply?

    replying is done IN THAT ANNOYING TINY BOX… NO I WANT TO SEE BETTER I WANT IT ON THE BIG SCREEN ITS ANNOYING! STOP! Facebook notifications show you a quick cap then take you full screen to the reply thingy so you can see clearly now what your doing… also dont dare click on the side when replying cuz whoooooooooooooops there goes ur whole message, comment, etc…

    that was a strait wrong doing and no i dont want to search for the link on there to take me to the page since some replys may have over 300 comments and u have to scroll down all the way to hell to find it lol it should take u to the big reply screen by defualt… its annoying i hate it.

    2 things that would make google+ boom in my opinion or at least help it are this:
    1 Better Layout design with shinier sexier icons admit it you like shiney things. :)

    2 Themes/custom themes or colors… let us make themes or customize the colors that made myspace awesome before it got retarded with all the useless changes! Let us see something other than grey… what if i want a dark theme for easy viewing at night???

    you all have to agree here btw i dnt hate google nor am i a fanboy of any site i just use them all lol i still have a myspace even tho i barely sign into it so lol dont think im being to fanboyish… myspace failed the second they added so many options notifications and crap to it flooding the user with ads popups notifications that were useless and spaming theyre inbox with retarded flyers… pretty soon the myspace screen took over most of the website was full of myspace crappy ui covering most of the visible content.. myspace can be saved so and google+ isnt dead yet and it can have its traffic seriously skyroocket but we need inovation newer things added like the themes… im tired of grey and white i see that on EVERY GOOGLE SERIVCE (THEY CALL THEM PRODUCTS DUNO WHY SINCE I NEVER BUAGHT THEM) i use…. thats freaking annoying… i hate seeing the same color over and over and over and over and over… youtube,… grey… every channel i gonto grey… facebook grey and blue… google+ grey… google docs white/grey… google music grey…

    see what im saying? add a rainbow of colors to your services google lol its getting bland… pretty soon im guna have grey hairs from staring at so much grey

  4. Nice job at fitting so much info there….it was an eye opener

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  6. Haris M. says:

    Google+ failed to reach the mass consumption. Failure ends right there. Companies/ startups use Google+ as a collaboration tool,video conference etc. People who hated the concept of Facebook (nudged by user-y, user-x is growing apples on his farm) , use Google+ as a clean social network platform. Especially the fact that posts have viewing per circle, makes this the only logical way for internet social interaction. Google delivered a product that is capable of providing healthy and useful interaction.

    The reason that Facebook is no.1 is pretty obvious: people like gossiping – that’s what Facebook is all about.

    • Adey says:

      All that will remain of Google+ is the unified log-in and app integration with other networks. I predict that Google will control the search, App space and take over the OS market from Microsoft. They have a good chance at owning the connection layer if they can innovate faster than facebook and leverage the millions of Google accounts people have. They shouldn’t give up on social. However, they should give up on Google+

  7. Richard L says:

    I disagree about Google+ failing. It isn’t.

    I use Google+ to talk about fun stuff with people who are practically strangers but who might share my interests. I also use the FAR superior photo gallery on Picasa! Picnik is being cancelled THAT annoys me, but personally the only problem I can see with Google + is the lack of GROUP support and lack of fanpages.

    Oh and Facebook got there first. But the recent changes to the Facebook such as Timeline SUCK BUTT big time.

  8. I totally see your point Jonathan. The more time that people spend on a site is a direct reflection of the value they’re getting from that site. If everyone that is coming to your site is just landing and leaving within the first 30 seconds, your site isn’t helping them with what they are looking for.
    But if people land and stick around for a bit, it totally shows that people like what you’re saying and what you’re offering to their lives.
    Great article, Got a lot out of it.

  9. Shayne says:

    I actually have a simpler theory as to why Google+ failed.

    They squandered their 15 minutes in the sun with a frigging insane invite only system. Almost the entire hype period for google+ was during their closed beta, and so even when I could get in, I couldn’t get any of my friends into it, because they couldn’t use the damn thing.

    It seems google decided because the invite only thing worked for google mail it would therefore work for other “social” type medias. Well it failed horribly for google wave, because again social media is pointless without the social bit, and the social bit requires you to be have your friends there. And so….. they made the same mistake again.*slaps forehead*

    The end result was all those dudes that signed up at the start, left in frusturation because nobody was using the damn thing. its a ghost town in there.

    You’d think somebody in google would have spoken out about the supreme ill-advisedness of that strategy.

  10. Valentin Scholz says:

    Can’t agree with you opinion.

    Yes, Google+ failed. But Google+ isn’t Google.

    Google earned 2010 about 30 billion dollars, while in the same time facebook earned only 7 billion dollars although facebook has more unique visitors a day as well as way longer time spent on site.

    The reason why Google has more success is simple: people are searching for something on google, so ads are not annoying or disturbing. They are useful and have added value.

    On the other hand people at facebook are NOT searching for something particular. They just want to chat with friends, or look at pictures. They don’t want to get annoyed by ads. Not to mention that a lot of people are using ad blockers (which often don’t block google ads).


  11. Shaun says:

    Right from the beginning of Google + I had people tell me that it was going to give Facebook a run for their money. I knew it wouldn’t happen for exactly the same reason as you’ve said.

  12. Definitely agree. No one wants another facebook, we already have one. Great post!

  13. Paul Charron says:


    Your knowledge of all of this stuff amazes me. There is so much to take in when you’re just learning that my head is spinning.

    My last post was about How To Get Higher Alexa Web Traffic Rankings.

    Thanks for the information!


  14. S says:

    You say we don’t need “another facebook,” but what was Facebook? Facebook was just another Myspace. At the start Myspace was even better than Facebook. So many people complain about Facebook because of the change and what not, but they never decide to go somewhere else. Back in the time of shift from Myspace to Facebook I found myself not willing to move, because I didn’t know many people that had Facebook. I found the move pointless. I wouldn’t have found the Google+ move so bad, because most people do have Gmail accounts. Google is a popular search engine. I thought it would have been nice to get straight to searching the web, reading e-mails and docs, and socializing all in one website. It feels like a monopoly, but it isn’t that bad really. Who wants to make the great big shift of Facebook, Twitter, Google, E-mail, Youtube, etc.?

    • Marius says:

      Facebook wasn’t just another MySpace. Facebook was a social media network that gave you more abilities to interact with other users without the massive loading times.

      Given a reversal of that, had MySpace come out with the same Facebook inspired features it has now after Facebook already existing it WOULD have been the New Facebook.

      The biggest reason everyone had to leave MySpace in the beginning was because damn near everyone didn’t have the internet capacity to handle MySpace profiles. A song every time you loaded the page. Sparkle wallpaper. If you wanted to go say hi you had to wait 5 mins just to begin typing.

      Facebook made that simpler and more efficient and then slowly upgraded it’s interface as the years went on. In fact if it would just apply the MySpace profile page setups, it would be MySpace.

      Which is why Twitter wasn’t going to take over anything. Twitter is the Facebook status update without the ability to form any meaningful reply since the length is so small. It was hyped solely with the financial backing paying for a shitload of celebrities to say they used it. That was it. People stayed with it because it was great for journalists, celebrities and idiots to blurb quick things regarding what was going on at the moment.

      Google+ took what Facebook had and…

      Did nothing with it. It’s Facebook. It’s Facebook with even less customization than it has already (which is what everyone enjoys about it).

      The main, and seemingly ONLY, fans of Google+ plus tend to be people who hate Facebook and want to use ANYTHING else (even if it has nobody there, strangely enough simply switching the computer off and going outside was beyond their ideas of available options) and people who hate the encompassing interaction of Facebook and want something simpler (ironically missing that Google+ plus just lets randoms add you as “friends”, so to speak).

  15. Google+ failed because they released it before developing it. Great Hype! No mobile support. They thought they were going to rock the market and will be able to limit it it to android mobile market. That’s was there biggest mistake, just that factor alone would have helped retain people. The fact is not many people use social network on the computer, it’s all mobile and all on the go. Snap a picture post it up! Not on Google+ because IPhone users and Blackbery users weren’t able to do that so they continued to stay on facebook. The think with social networks is you have to grab the attention of a whole social circle at the same time rather that splitting them up, because honestly I am not leaving my friends for your crap!. That’s what it comes down too. Google+ fell short and they couldn’t develop further because of simple socialnomic ideas they couldn’t grasp. Could it be that google+ been developed by nerds with no STREET social knowledge?

  16. Vincent says:

    great insight into google + Jonathan, i believe as marketers we thought of it as a huge opportunity for growth and if used properly it can be an asset but as you put it facebook is where everyone is already! my wife as an example has all our photos and videos of the kids and a nicely populated coupon group why move?

    thanks for the tips;

  17. I think Google will never get rid of the imago of being mostly a business, while Facebook is business behind the scenes. This is just like a bad karma for Google Plus and actually it does not seem like a social network, Orkut is much better. One thing I have noticed still – if your website has more pluses, it gets more attention by Google search.

  18. Gabriela Bronicova says:

    Yes, great insight :)

  19. Raphael Mavi says:

    Dude there are so many great points on here. Bam! probably the best article I read on the subject:)

    Thanks JB!


  20. Vineet Gupta says:

    hahahha …
    yes … Facebook is far too better …

    BTW thanks a lot for sharing this article
    Vineet Gupta´s last blog ..Do YOU have the Burning Desire to Succeed?My ComLuv Profile

  21. Kevin says:

    I remember that time when everybody was talking about goolge+ and how they wanted to get in since the features are interesting. It is amazing since within months it seems nobody was talking about it anymore, we were doing are usual stuff at facebook as if google+ never existed. I agree about the innovating power of facebook. They are constantly finding ways to provide members’ needs and wants. I am just so impressed with how they maintained being on top.
    Kevin´s last blog ..how to meet womenMy ComLuv Profile

  22. Yo JB this is killer info man! U spent a lot of time getting this ready to dish out! I did notice that there isnt that many people spending a lot of time on Google Plus, I mean at first I was but now that I think about it I haven’t logged into it in at least 3 weeks (sad but true)

    I’ll stick with the same ol same ol you know ?

    Talk soon my friend

    Jeremy Watson

  23. Fernando says:

    It was just awesome babe, to be honest I didn’t know you, but my dad recomends me to read you and I am totaly falling in love with you, haha just kidding, but you are realy realy good, is just awesome, you changed my perspective in so many ways, you blowed my mind (or something like that?) sorry for the bad english XP
    Greetings from Paraguay
    Fernando´s last blog ..¿Qué es el Minilift? | RitidectomiaMy ComLuv Profile

  24. Etieno Etuk says:

    Awesome stuff, JB. I believe that Google+ will bounce back. It’s just a matter of time. The have some really cool ideas that are unique and new to the market place. All they have to do is make some tweaks to their Google+ system and they will become competitive.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this issue.
    Etieno Etuk´s last blog ..7 Quick Tips For Positioning Your Blog on the First Page of GoogleMy ComLuv Profile

  25. Gene Wolff says:

    I decided to take a shot at google plus 1 social network, see how it pans out.
    I mean I am getting spammed alot by people on their, maybe we can do some
    reverse selling into a couple Network Marketing Opportunities lol

    Gene Wolff´s last blog ..How to Identify Great Network Marketing OpportunitiesMy ComLuv Profile

  26. Aki Wood says:

    …LOL… This article is great… I absolutely love the irony that 11 people have shared it on their google+ profiles! Bloody brilliant. Love it Jonathan!
    Aki Wood´s last blog ..“Free Beer” For Network and Internet MarketersMy ComLuv Profile

  27. What’s up JB,
    Talk about value…good stuff as always! I will be on that webinar. And I totally dig where you’re spending your efforts right now after coming back from the rain forest. I’m onboard! Just gonna ride your coat tails to financial independence and a better sustainable planet! Peace

  28. I have time on friday around 4,5 pm.

  29. Kelechi Ibe says:

    I learned a lot from this blog post Jonathan, thanks for sharing.
    @to whom it may concern: NOW is the time, like the Google days, the opportunity facebook present to us is MASSIVE.. go master facebook marketing, learn all you can about it, fan pages, apps, capture pages…etc… if you do, you are well on your way to Internet heaven.

    Thanks Jonathan
    Kelechi Ibe´s last blog ..The Top 15 Word Press Plugin you Absolutely Need for Your BlogMy ComLuv Profile

  30. Thanks Jonathan for re-directing me to Facebook because I had gone astray trying to develop a present on Google+.

  31. Grace says:

    Thanks once again Jonathan. It means much when this re-direction is coming from you with a stand to show the way. Your offer is appreciated.
    Grace´s last blog ..Testimony Of A Young Girl’s Encounter With Jesus Christ RevealedMy ComLuv Profile

  32. Lowel says:

    Thanks for the great information Jonathan.
    Please keep posting tips for us….
    Lowel´s last blog ..Top 5 Blogging TipsMy ComLuv Profile

  33. I’m still learning from you but I’m improving myself i absolutely liked reading everything that is posted on your blog keep the posts coming. I enjoyed it.

  34. Roy Farmer says:

    Hey , How’s it going jonathan my friend ? As i’ve said before you’re a star ! An insperation to all period ! god bless you my friend & you have a great day !
    Best wishes always !

  35. What? There’s a thing called Google +1? I guess I must have been too busy marketing on Facebook to Notice…… :-)
    John Robberson´s last blog ..How to Find a Recession Proof Home BusinessMy ComLuv Profile

  36. Ti Roberts says:

    Wow! This was REALLY a KICK ASS post! LOVED IT! Talk about passion… lol. Thanks for this John. :-)
    Ti Roberts´s last blog ..Dani Johnson Book Review | Which Is The Best Choice For You?My ComLuv Profile

  37. Jonathan I had lost touch with you for a little while and now I am kicking myself what the heck was I thinking…will be checking back in on the regular my friend….great post.
    WhoWantsCoach´s last blog ..How I Made over $30,000 at the Warrior Forum On My First TryMy ComLuv Profile

  38. Gene Wolff says:

    Wow, great article. I have been using Googl+1 lately and all I have
    gotten is spammed to death by people creating bots to spam others
    on google plus1. Its pretty lame. But I agree 100% about the whole
    point of trading networks.

    Why rebuild the wheel when you have the best wheel on your ride
    already. LOL

    Gene Wolff´s last blog ..Affiliate Cash Snipers Review – Bonus Discount or SCAM?My ComLuv Profile

  39. I am interested in learning how to market with facebook

  40. Elah says:

    Awsome Awsome Awsome content from the Buddman yet again, Thanks Jonathon, Elah “The Net Song Guy”.

  41. Kulwant Nagi says:

    After Google+ launch everyone was so excited that they will experience a new age of Social Network. but this decline i the number of visitors is for sure bad news for Google and i am surprised after reading that even Google employee are not using its products which sound very funny.
    Perhaps Google must be doing something more creative and innovative to compete in the Battle.

    Thanx JB for this valuable and surprising Information.

  42. william says:

    That was great jb thank you for that powerful eye opener be bless and keep moving forward.

  43. Mel says:

    Terms like “Google Slapped” had no meaning until it happened to me! I lost access to a couple of my Google accounts. And I found that I hadn’t broken any rules. It was just suspected that I had?! So when Google+ was promoted, I have lost a lot of faith in Google (I was one of their best supporters).

    I hate to think that my alternatives will be Bing and Yahoo. Damn. Beware Google, you’re killing yourself running after the big ad dollars at the expense of us who got you there.

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