I almost didn’t want to share this about Network Marketing / Online… But it NEEDS to be Said.

Hey guys,

Some people may not want to hear thisbut it needs to be said.  There is so much BS in our industry today.  Honestly, so much BS.  I think a majority of people have forgotten why they are here, what entrepreneurship is really about, and are just chasing transactions.   That is not our highest potential.  That’s not what we came on planet earth to do.  And it’s not how we reach our BIGGEST success.

This video is a reminder in a lot of ways about what you are actually capable of, and what you REALLY came here to do.  Lets “reset the mindset” of a majority of the industry… and really go change the game.  I hope you enjoy.

Jonathan Budd

P.S. please share this if you think the message needs to be heard… and you are DOWN to help reset the mindset of the industry.



About Jonathan Budd

Well, I have discovered who I am... and thus realized what I am truly capable of life. Now, I want to share that with others. By learning from me... you will GROW as both a human being and an entrepreneur... and will step into shoes that are capable of going ANYWHERE in life. You'll see that more soon... :)
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