The Futuristic Marketing Acceleration Program

You’ll learn the most profitable strategies that are working now… why most “social media” marketing misses the mark… and how you can cash in on how Facebook really works and get more leads than ever before.
Our Futuristic Marketing Acceleration Program offers you the cutting-edge solution to succeed today in the Facebook marketing game… the latest teachings and automation to help you reach the thousands and thousands of people waiting to buy your products or services, or join your team.

It comprises:

A 3-Module “Futuristic Audience” educational series that shows you step-by-step the easiest, most effective ways to tap into the revenue potential of the more than 1.1 billion people currently on Facebook. We’ve cracked the code for Facebook success, and you’ll watch over our shoulders as we take you inside how we’re making a lot of money on Facebook right now. We’ll tell you everything… the proven method for building an audience that trusts you, likes you, and genuinely enjoys hearing from you. Ways to advertise cost effectively. Where to place your ads. What to say in them. How to measure … and more. You’ll know precisely how you can use Facebook to grow your business.

“Facebook Lead Accelerator” – the tool you need to get started. We’ve created this 100% automated lead generation software because we want it to be as easy as it can possibly be for you to begin getting leads for your customized business. The entire Futuristic Marketing course is built around the Lead Accelerator because we know that the solution to your success involves more than knowledge. It’s about implementation … and we give you the exact tool and steps you need to implement.

Instant access to the “Futuristic Audience” series and the “Lead Accelerator” through our state-of-the-art member’s site. Within the member site, you’ll also have access to other tools, processes and games to help you stay on track, a comprehensive knowledge base and, most importantly, a community of other Futuristic Marketers to learn from and connect with.

Plus… a few other surprises.

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  1. ROBDAV says:

    I was lost the 7 figure last year,I I regret not to followed~~

  2. Gene Wolff says:

    Got any examples of work with the the celebrity blog packages.
    Like some people who you have done blogs for?

    I would like to take a look at them please. I already know yours
    is great, but I want to see some other examples of your work
    to get an understanding of what I want.


  3. Hi Jonathan,
    you are a fantastic source of information and have invaluable resources on this site.I always look forward to your next newsletter or blogpost to find out what is the next cutting edge tool you have discovered.You always seem to be ahead of the game with the tools you produce
    Thanks again

  4. Winson ng says:

    JB im your founding member of Get Traffic 3.0, i love the way you delivered the course,
    im planning on promoting it heavily, since i have delved into Gt3.0 and i knw every single
    bit of info there, i can give my very honest recommendation to my following, can you re-open
    the course for my affiliate account to promote gt3.0?
    im launching my thinkmaverick membership site soon, and i want to give the best of the best for FB PPC ;)

    What i do with thinkmaverick is:
    Thinkmaverick is our full-service Social SEO strategic Market Intelligence arm, we complete projects for our clients to take their company to the next level.
    And through our formidable Thinkmaverick University for startup internet entrepreneurs (, our publishing arm which develops Art of War guides ™, courses and workshops, guides entrepreneurs to accomplish their business strategic goals.

    Im planning to feature GT3.0 in my Facebook ppc section…

  5. Bruce Edwin says:

    Very cool, valuable sounding info. you have here Jonathan.
    I look forward to checking it out more soon.

  6. After not having any training in the internet marketing field and running into JB. I am glad to have you on the net sharing such good advice and training. Thank You for all you do man. Keep it up, the 7FN is awesome my firend!

    Christopher Smith

  7. Hezi says:

    Hi, Jonathan !!

    Love your products !

    Thanks !

  8. Thanks for all this great content ! A huge living example of what we can achive with MLM… Can’t wait doing the same in France::)

  9. Simon Byrne says:

    Hi Jonathan been following you for a few months now and love your energy and attitude great advice that you freely dish outand very true my favourite quoteis you become what you think about by earl nightingale and he is all about self beleif and empowering people you r courses are excellent too giot my traffic formula and others thanks for your help it is greatly appreciated


  10. Rob says:

    Hi Jonathan and Team, I have been desporately searching and testing the internet marketing field as an opportunity to finally have a residual income and be able to spend more time with my wife & kiddos be for there all grown up. I am impressed most with YOUR system(s) Problem is I now have information overload and dont know what is the best way to get me startred with the little income i have to invest. I have already wasted $$$ on other systems that dont seem to work. Will you or one of your team please contact me to direct me on the right path to a fast start to generate at least enough to pay for my investment(s) and enable me to further invest my profits into growing my buisness into a full time career. Thank you

    • Gene Wolff says:

      Hey rob, I am not part of jonathans team, but maybe i can offer some free advice. First step you wanna take in your journey when learning new things is implementation.

      Every time you learn something new, put it to action, Do it right away. This way you start building new habits and learning from your mistakes. If money is a problem for you, then maybe you should start with some more beginner type business models. There are many ways to finding the “Best Ways To Make Money Online in 2011

      Its not easy investing money and not seeing any results. I use to be in the same shoes u were wearing. But I took action and didnt quit. At the very last straw you feel your gonna quit. Put it into over drive. Many people online like my self make money without spending a dime. But these are little known facts that most dont share because, time is money.

      Anyhow happy new year and good luck in 2011, hope u achieve all your dreams and desires.

  11. Just got started, looking forward to learning from you.

  12. Bernice says:

    I just stated getting information from Jonathan Budd. I am learning a lot about network marketing form Jonathan. looking forward to learning much more.

  13. Jonathan budd i’m new to your online courses and i really want to buy your Social Media Mastery 8 Week Intensive Special i missed my chance because i didn’t have any money at the time you know some of us are in a tight budget and i think its not fare for me to miss out on this course just because i didn’t have money at the time.

  14. Grace Wieber says:

    Get traffic 3.0 video series is an eyeopener – chock full of incredible business altering information. Thank you.

  15. Anil says:

    This such great information. Thanks Jonathon for all your great words!!!

  16. Ben says:

    I would love to know more about online mlm? Can someone contact me and help me create a successful business?

  17. Stacy says:

    I would like to make a suggestion that if someone is afraid to telephone prospects, then it should first be practiced with family and friends. Kenny has a great point. When you have something special to offer to them, and it is from the heart, you can get to a friend-to-friend conversation level and be very comfortable talking to anyone. :)

  18. Barbara says:

    I need to learn how to pick kup the phone and call my prospects. I’m petriefied of it.

    • Why are you petrified Barbara? Do you believe in what you are representing? Are you coming from the heart? I bet you are and for that reason you should be excited to call your prospects. You have something special that they need. Go get em.

    • adrian says:

      Hi Barbara,

      Are these warm or cold prospect. If they are prospect they came in through your funnel it shouldn’t be too difficult if you believe you are bringing value to there life with your opportunity or product.

    • Barbara,

      Kenny is right. I would add, the reason that you fear is because you are thinking selfeshly. If you truly have value to offer the other person and you believe it, then there is no reason to fear. However, we all experience fear at some point and another way to overcome it is to just do it anyway. The more you do it, the less fear you will have.

    • Barbara,

      I would agree with Kenny. I would also add that the reason you fear is because you are thinking about yourself. If you believed you truly had value to give to the other person, you would have no reason to fear. However, we have all experienced fear at some point and one of the ways to conquer it is to just do it and the more you do, the less fear you will experience.

    • mike says:

      Barbara. For me it has been an issue of two things. One time at telemarketing was my souls values did not mix with selling non innovative price different product. The other thing has been with my projects. I felt to used to failing and having bullying response so I stop when the products were finished by hardwork and said all reasons did not deserve to receive. I still do. My key is growing selfesteem and selfacceptance do my nature of weak ability and strong ability to succeed in life. I hope this helps. I agree with coming from your heart when I received I felt more used to be trashed in my heart so check out this area. Then I found the best way is speaking with family and friends to get a love reallity check and to together get hypnosis or just see how setbacks made your life a bigger you and how you can share love because the setbacks. Thank You for sharing.

  19. David Pope says:

    Hi jonathan, my name is David Pope from Trinidad, i know you have a special with coustom designed blog templates with complete system for $197us. What i need jonathan is something a little more to that, i actually need a coustom designed completed blog advertising a special product to a certain target local audience. Can you or one of your represantatives please call me for further details. There are two reasons for this, Time is very limited for me, and i need it to be professionally designed and completely uploaded and content already added 2HTML videos included. Please contact me as soon as possible. Call anytime: 1868-334-8715. Email:

  20. hey jonathan i’ m promoting my work to some offline business owner and i believe social media is the best way to get to their customers I know you have a course out on it how can I get ya social media course I’ve searched the web for it and cant find it

  21. cyt says:

    hi everybody i have watch alot of the vidoes its gr8 but they all explain the problem and what needs to be done and there is even a nice name for it but thats were it ends there is no acctuel training that could help u

  22. c,willis says:

    hey jonathan,

    I already left a comment for this on the website, but I’m really loving your vids for the MLM Launch product, only 2 videos in so far and already so much value given! Keep up the good work! I’m 26 as well and I’ve been very motivated and inspired by what I’ve discovered about you and how you got to where you are now…

  23. Hey ! Johnathan, I really enjoy watching your MLM Launch, series, because I am all about learning about scientology, and marketing, utilizing psycology too. I use to sell vacuum cleaners, door to door in the middle of July, wearing a coat and tie, for a big company, named Electrolux. They teach you all about closing the sale and handling objectives or some people call it , The kiss off… LOL My question is, I recently bought a new software called “Webeasy 8, would it be better to use my own designed capture landing page or what do you suggest ?

  24. Robert says:

    I have the Top Producer Formula, and read it, twice, word for word. Couldn’t put it down. I’m following EXACTLY what it’s instructing me to do. I can’t believe how concise and easy the instructions are, and I LOVE the fact that even though it teaches you, step by step, how to implement the techniques, Jonathan still gives you a CHOICE !! Do it yourself, or, outsource the work. Jonathan places a heavy emphasis on “time management”. AND gives you his ACTUAL sources that he uses EVERY SINGLE DAY to outsource !! I LOVE THIS GUY !!!!! Believe me, you can’t go wrong with ANY of his programs !!!!!

  25. Beverly says:

    I was trying to buy the top producer formula and the page was lost how do i go and buy the program?

  26. Chris says:

    I am brand new to this So I’m saving all your emails I am about to become an IBO ,,Been a member for years & Decided to get involved in the business end. Sounds Like your really good at what you do.
    Maybe youll help me become successful . Anything you got for me now?
    Later Chris

  27. tata says:

    what the product I need to do well in getting leads, and how much does it costs? also I read that I have to pay a monthly fee for the products,is that true?

    • Thank you Jonathan…Your tiny little $7 product inspired me so much that it finally “cracked the code” for me. Just wanted to say in public what I have already told you in private. Keep up the fabulous work.

  28. Jomer says:


    Does JB accept Paypal payment??

  29. Mike says:

    Is JB a networker? or a tools provider? what program is JB in? Thats the one I want in on….can someone tell me which MLM he is with and building?

    • Yes! Jonathan is the creator of the 7 Figure Networker. There is so much training when you get signed up for the system! I’ve been with them a month and there is still training I haven’t covered. It’s great!

    • He is in Genewize Life Sciences. But really….what difference would it make what company he is in??? You want to join a company because JB is it? Do you really think the company makes any difference at all? Of course, it can’t be a CRAPPY company. But as long as they have decent product, comp plan and pay their people on time, someone like JB would make money whether in Quixtar (Amway) or Genewize, or Herbalife or anything else.

      If you really think about it, that is the point of this blog and all of JB’s training. Learn how to market and you take yourself and your own limitations out of the equation! Know how to market and it almost doesn’t matter what company you are in! Heck, just know how to market and you can make huge money even without being in a company or program! (If this does not make sense to you….then you REALLY need to get some training!)

    • Dylan Wirtz says:

      networker? tools provider? all of the above.

  30. The 7 Figure Networker system ROCKS JB! Can’t wait to see what you come out with in 2010….

    Talk soon,

    Garrett Miller

  31. Hey Jonathan! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration in your videos. You are truly a remarkable person. I signing up for the 7 Figure Networker program today. Looking forward to much more learning from you and I’m sure we’ll meet in person sometime down the road! Thanks for all you do!

  32. Andyhan says:


    I’m a new distributor in Marketing Business. I just join in Marketing about 2 weeks,so im very new. And i don’t know anything. I always listen to my upline to tell me to do,like calling my friends,my family,looking for new prospects. I am so tired of it. I don’t really know what to do. Could u please help me??? what should i do to get more prospects and success in this business. Please! Im looking forward for u response. Help me! please!

  33. phani says:

    how can i join your aglogo?

  34. Hey Jonathon,

    I am truly honored to be associated with you and your tribe. It is definitely the law of attraction that has brought us together.

    I love the internet and social marketing, but even after 2 years I feel overwhelmed and confused…..however the BIG picture is becoming so much more clear.

    I look forward to growing my online presence and can’t wait to dive into this awesome training and at some point
    personal mentoring.

    Always my best,

    Gerry Usselman

  35. MinChen says:

    Hi, Jonathan
    Through one month heavy reading and listening to your course information. I found that you are a dedicated teacher and trustful business man. You are the best internet entrepreneur.I am going to join you soon, and will be very focused.
    looking forward to meeting you inner circle community and hope you support me along the system journey.

    • admin says:

      The pleasure is all Mine MinChen.

      I am proud of you digesting the material, and exploring this whole new world of opportunity. Keep it up! And amazing things will come…

      All the best,

  36. benjamin says:

    Hi Jonathan
    Thanks for bringing that peace on Mike Hoverson to you Members. That is great work.
    Say i,m already a member of you OnlineMLMsecrets, what i will like to know is do you offer any affilliate oppotunities and if yes then how do i become an affilliate

  37. Thank you for doing the right thing.-helping people to realize you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

    Many Millions to ya,
    Dr. Elon Bomani

  38. Hi Jonathan, very nice looking blog. A lot of great information. Keep if rockin dude. If you have time, check out some of the stuff on my Affiliate Marketing Strategies blog. Cheers, Mark

  39. This is a Great Twitter Tutorial Jonathan!

    Your presentations about network marketing and networking lead generation are the best.

    I’ll be checking more into becoming an affiliate for your system and becoming a member.

    Thanks Much
    Steve Fisher

  40. Steve Beck says:

    There is a higher power speaking through you. Keep in touch.

  41. Jude says:

    Hi! thanks for such wonderful messages you send me! I have learnt alot of business ideas. I am soon starting up my own simple business! The only impediment to me is the start up capital otherwise am so happy for your messages!

  42. Lazell Auger says:

    This is the first time I heard of you and the great idea’s you have. Hope to be ordering from you soon to kick off my biz. thank you Johnathan

  43. Johnathan,
    I just watched the video on the apology and training and I think that it was simply awesome. You were 110% totally correct. Also, building your list and being excited about the product that you are promoting is probably the two most important and key things about anything that you are doing. I once went to a seminar that a company that in traditional business set up for its employees and the one key thing that I have never forgotton that the speaker said was “Never Throw Away A Business Card” and not only have I done that, everywhere I go I get a business card for future reference. Thanks for all your help and insite.

  44. Mike Conrad says:

    I am sure if you have listened to Jonathan, that you will agree that his journey into self awareness has taken him a long way in a short time. He is wise beyond his years. Worth listening to for sure!

  45. After listened to a seminar by Jonathan Budd, Katie Katie Freiling, Jason Shawver and Scott Hoffman last night, I had to come back for MORE Jonathan’s valuable insights.

  46. I am a member of the 7 Figure Networker, purchased Jonathan’s Top Producer Formula, and followed every insight. I can’t say enough about the power and knowledge behind these products and systems. You’ve come to the right place! Thanks Jonathan…

  47. Kathy Matney says:

    Hi Jonathon;

    I welcome the opportunity to learn from you. I need help to setup dashboard tool for your system (link) with basic instructions. I then need how to understand how to link my freelife international website to this tool? I am not finding any information or instructions to accomplish this first step basic task? Please help. Kathy Matney

    I am a Regional Sales Manager with 15 Years IT Experience…. I could bring value to your organization with sime basic help. 419-450-6123 (Blackberry)

  48. Congrats on this wonderful blog.

  49. Thank you for your inspirational words and congratulations on your blog site! It’s great to find all of your information in 1 place.
    MaryAnn Russell

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