The Futuristic Marketing Acceleration Program

You’ll learn the most profitable strategies that are working now… why most “social media” marketing misses the mark… and how you can cash in on how Facebook really works and get more leads than ever before.
Our Futuristic Marketing Acceleration Program offers you the cutting-edge solution to succeed today in the Facebook marketing game… the latest teachings and automation to help you reach the thousands and thousands of people waiting to buy your products or services, or join your team.

It comprises:

A 3-Module “Futuristic Audience” educational series that shows you step-by-step the easiest, most effective ways to tap into the revenue potential of the more than 1.1 billion people currently on Facebook. We’ve cracked the code for Facebook success, and you’ll watch over our shoulders as we take you inside how we’re making a lot of money on Facebook right now. We’ll tell you everything… the proven method for building an audience that trusts you, likes you, and genuinely enjoys hearing from you. Ways to advertise cost effectively. Where to place your ads. What to say in them. How to measure … and more. You’ll know precisely how you can use Facebook to grow your business.

“Facebook Lead Accelerator” – the tool you need to get started. We’ve created this 100% automated lead generation software because we want it to be as easy as it can possibly be for you to begin getting leads for your customized business. The entire Futuristic Marketing course is built around the Lead Accelerator because we know that the solution to your success involves more than knowledge. It’s about implementation … and we give you the exact tool and steps you need to implement.

Instant access to the “Futuristic Audience” series and the “Lead Accelerator” through our state-of-the-art member’s site. Within the member site, you’ll also have access to other tools, processes and games to help you stay on track, a comprehensive knowledge base and, most importantly, a community of other Futuristic Marketers to learn from and connect with.

Plus… a few other surprises.

88 Responses to Products

  1. John Rodia says:

    Lets Roll Jonathan we were business partners when you first started I planted seeds for us since and never stopped there’s people I noticed on here that had no vision what’s so ever as I preached how we would be the best team ever they were blind to all this leadership but that’s ok there here now!!

  2. I am in Johnathan Budd’s Program Try it out you wont be sorry

  3. mustafah otieno says:

    the future of mlm is online,jonathan budd offers the best.

  4. I just returned from Jonathan’s 3-day event, “Unstoppable Entrepreneur-2″ and it was INCREDIBLE! I had no idea what to expect, but as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, over the past 30 years, I have been to more than my fair share of trainings, events, conferences, personal growth weekends, intensives, etc. This was by fair one of the BEST trainings I have ever been to! Even as an experienced therapist, I learned a lot! I highly recommend attend if you ever have the chance!

  5. Ray Keller says:

    I am part of your FM family and just wanted to know if you have any affiliate products I might offer. I am a true, sincere fan

  6. sharon says:

    Hello Johnathan my name is sharon and i dont have any experience in network marketing or lists or products of my own… i was watching your 7 figure program and i wanted to join but i dont know if this program is for me since it is talking about how to sell my own products which i dont have…i wanted to join your affilate list but i dont have my own list to promote your products to. i live in israel. i would like to know what is the best program that you have for people like me that are just starting out.

  7. Johan says:

    Hello Jonathan, I am seriously thinking in make money online. Your products and techniques are amazing, but there is a problem…
    I speak few english.. Really I just can write and understand the english, but I do not understand when A people is talking live…

    I hope someday that your products and coachings also are for the latins as Me.

  8. Work Home says:

    With so much crap out there its refreshing to see good quality products from someone who is already achieved success in the industry. Thanks Jonathon.

  9. Mike says:

    Program sounds great, bottom line, I’m on disability and am limited on cash, 700 a month doesn’t go far. So although $50.00 is a great price, its unattainable for me at this time. If I had it I would definitely give it a shot. Maybe you will offer it to me again in the future. I would love to be able to generate the kind of leads you are talking about. Anyway Thank you. Mike

  10. john says:

    Hello! l have seen thereal truth about free traffic with Matt Lloyd and l am impressed! do you have thsi kind of education inside the training programs you offer?

  11. Patricia H says:

    I listen, but it seem if your not in a MLM that these won’t help. If I’m wrong and this will help some one like me that’s selling something people only need to buy once in their life. Please tell me what I’m missing. I gave you my businesses web address so you know what I mean. But I really need help to get the word out to people!

  12. Sanna says:

    Jonathan Budd,

    Someone pointed me to you and said “you´re in for a treat” ……..:)

    So right! I´m exploring and soaking in your information!

    Thanks for being so inspiring!

    Sanna Hellström

  13. Thanks for sharing. I am new to internet marketing

  14. I am new to internet marketing. Thanks for being genuine and sharing.

  15. Jake says:

    This looks like an awesome FB course. I’m looking forward to getting it.

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