Here’s How to Get to the NEXT LEVEL in Your Life & Business in 2011… (this message will PUMP you up! Are you ready?)

My friends,

A new year is upon us!! And I’ll friggin tell ya right now, this is going to be an EPIC one.  Absolutely EPIC. To help make sure of that for you, I’ve created a special video you much watch now…

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Feel the energy my friends! Let it bring you to crazy places.  Pump yourself up like never before… because this is NOT the time to slow down.  It’s not the time to buy into doom and gloom. It’s not the time to collapse into a self made cave or run from the world.

It’s time to STAND UP. Face everything with your most epic LIONS ROAR.  And eat any obstacle in your way up for BREAKFAST.  You’ve got the power to create the most beautiful life for yourself you can imagine.  You’ve always had it, you always will have it.  It’s time to wake up to it within us, harnass it, and employ it in our lives daily.

Watch today’s video as many times as you need to to “get” the message behind the words… and I’ll be back to help you take it to the next level more soon.

You Rock. You are an INCREDIBLE Being.  And I Believe in you more than you’ll ever know.

Speak soon,

P.S. Share this message asap so we can get your friends & followers on the same page, and all work together to make this year EPICCCC.



About Jonathan Budd

Well, I have discovered who I am... and thus realized what I am truly capable of life. Now, I want to share that with others. By learning from me... you will GROW as both a human being and an entrepreneur... and will step into shoes that are capable of going ANYWHERE in life. You'll see that more soon... :)
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127 Responses to Here’s How to Get to the NEXT LEVEL in Your Life & Business in 2011… (this message will PUMP you up! Are you ready?)

  1. Roy Brevner says:

    Listening to you is as if Haanel and Wattles are reincarnated and are speaking to me personally.
    When I first joined your group I was a bit skeptical but as I listen to you I am more and more convinced that you are a great leader.
    It is said that when the student is ready the teacher appears.
    I am ready ,teach me.
    Thank you my friend I can see why you are so successful.
    You give more than you receive and that is the secret.
    Thanks again
    Roy Brevner

  2. Ian Valeza says:

    Nice content jonathan budd. I like watching your videos because its like watching Jim rohn and brian tracy you can always learn everytime you watch their videos.

    Thanks for sharing this video Jonathan

    - Ian Valeza
    Ian Valeza´s last blog ..MLM Prospecting – Keep it simple stupid!My ComLuv Profile

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    That was an amazing video. It really got me pumped as I’m sure many other people. Having a vision is TOTALLY important to where you are going in life. Always a pleasure reading and watching your stuff! :-)

    Take Care!

    ~ Wendy
    Wendy Rahilly´s last blog ..Millionaire Mindset – How To Achieve One To SkyRocket Your Home BusinessMy ComLuv Profile

  4. Bryan says:

    Love it Bro….I wish you nothing but true success, happiness, joy, and health in 2011.
    Bryan´s last blog ..GiveOpp Timing Is EverythingMy ComLuv Profile

  5. You really know how to get people pumped, this is why I keep coming back. Let’s get the ball rolling for 2011. Excellent Video!
    Dexter Fulton´s last blog ..The Power of a Twitter ProfileMy ComLuv Profile

  6. Hans says:

    I have to say your constant persistence is what keeps me following you, the drive seems to have no end. Great motivation with this video!

  7. Great video JB, I am a big fan of mindset and personal development. You really spell it out and I am excited keep them coming.

  8. Scott says:

    O.K., THAT was some JUICE, my friend! Not only a great message but about the best I’ve ever heard it put.

  9. Robert Clark says:

    Awesome message JB! You’re right, that did get me pumped :D
    Robert Clark´s last blog ..Personal Passion Formula Review &amp Bonus!My ComLuv Profile

  10. Carstarphen says:

    I am pumped up and I am ready!!!!! Let’s get it!!!

    Carstarphen´s last blog ..Choleric Personality – Red SharkMy ComLuv Profile

  11. Vickie says:

    Love this video! Totally agree we have to get to the next level of ourselves before we can move to the next level in business. Don’t think I’ve heard anyone explain it so clearly. So happy I found your blog this morning!
    Vickie´s last blog ..How to Take your Personal Injury ‘Thank You’ Letter to the Next LevelMy ComLuv Profile

  12. ryan says:

    JB, great post. We have to overcome the way we are programmed to here bad news. Instead we have to start programing our minds to be thankful for the good news

  13. Ginger says:

    Right on! I received the book The Right Questions for Christmas and it has got me back into action for 2011!
    My mantra is HWS = healthier, wealthier, & skinnier. I have a very clear picture what that looks. Sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for, because now it’s almost more than I can keep up with! I joined the Asantae team in Hawaii and purchased about 4 of your classes, added another PT job (just til the money starts coming in more steady from my business) and am setting up health seminars for a Retirement Community and starting a Weight Loss Support Group. That;s on top of the 3days per week job I already have! Yes, I have a vision . . . I have a plan . . . and like you said, 2011 is going to be BIG!

  14. JB everything you say is great! this will be an EPIC year!!!!
    Mark Fabian, Jr´s last blog ..I Have Reviewed Mass Money Maker’s For YOUMy ComLuv Profile

  15. April says:

    You shared real value in this post! I agree time is moving fast and it is time to take the bull by the horns and go to the next level. I am big on mindset and you really laid it out for us. Thank you for such a wonderful post :)
    April´s last blog ..Recruiting in MLM is like a box of ChocolatesMy ComLuv Profile

  16. Ylva says:

    “You’ve got the power to create the most beautiful life for yourself you can imagine. You’ve always had it, you always will have it. It’s time to wake up to it within us, harnass it, and employ it in our lives daily.”

    YES!! This beautiful truth is what I keep teaching to those I coach. Enough with the cynicism, enough lagging behind waiting for something to happen…create WHAT you want WHEN you want it (which I assume is RIGHT NOW :)
    Ylva´s last blog ..Applying the Law of Attraction – Part 1My ComLuv Profile

  17. Aki Wood says:

    Good stuff. Once the vision is big enough, the universe has no choice but to flow with you and get out of the way.
    Aki Wood´s last blog ..The “Spudd Effect”My ComLuv Profile

  18. Ryan Martin says:

    Wow! that was a very inspiring post! I love that you teach the mindset principals because without the proper knowledge of who we are, no amount of technical knowledge will make a difference.

    Awesome stuff, 2011 is going to be pretty crazy.

  19. laticia says:

    Hey Johnathan,

    Great video! I couldn’t agree more. Having a vision is key. I always had a big vision. For 2011, I’m committed to staying focus and accountable to my vision.
    laticia´s last blog ..A New Science In Network MarketingMy ComLuv Profile

  20. John says:

    Hey Jonathon, I have gained some clarity from what you said, I really appreciate you sending me these emails with your links in it, you are a very intelligent young man, I hope you keep giving me the energy that I get everytime I look at your emails and video’s, Thanks, and yes, you are very much correct, this is gonna be a Rockin year, 2011, Peace my Friend.

  21. Thanks jonnathan for reiterating the need to relize how ast time is moving and how e must get our vision focused in on our next level.\

    wendell wilkins´s last blog ..5 Reasons Why Jesus Would Probably Recommend You Have A Home Based BusinessMy ComLuv Profile

  22. Gabriela says:

    Thank you Jonathan – the Vision is the true fuel. I had a very difficult time discovering mine but once I did – all the rest has become so incredibly easy.

  23. Juan Jose says:

    Hi Jonathn, I feel the energy transmitted. Thanks and I am on the following levels :)

    Juan Jose´s last blog ..Estrategias de VentasMy ComLuv Profile

  24. Isandy says:

    The most I like about this episode it was the revelation you make about that “We need to get to the next level of ourselves before getting to the next level of anything”… Truly Powerful!!


  25. Ramon Polo says:

    I like the part where you explain how the Universe creates all the circumstances around you by considering your mindset.

    Great job (again) ;)
    Ramon Polo´s last blog ..Why and What are Income Producing Activities 5 Habits that Leaders HaveMy ComLuv Profile

  26. Inaam says:

    Love your message, just listening to you energizes my soul, i record your message and listen to it while i am in the Bus or walking, it’s very similar to Wallace Wattle’s stuff, but you say it with greater emotion and energy,
    your teachings have made me take several steps in the direction that i want to head in
    looking forward to more to your teachings

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