Jonathan Budd Gets Evicted… (and how you can make money from it)

Well, I guess I better just tell ya the whole story.

Here goes…

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I appreciate you, and REMEMBER… it doesn’t matter if you’re right, wrong, or whatever. The only thing that matters is… “What are the RESULTS you are producing in life”. What are the RESULTS of the “stories” or “Views” you have abou



About Jonathan Budd

Well, I have discovered who I am... and thus realized what I am truly capable of life. Now, I want to share that with others. By learning from me... you will GROW as both a human being and an entrepreneur... and will step into shoes that are capable of going ANYWHERE in life. You'll see that more soon... :)
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149 Responses to Jonathan Budd Gets Evicted… (and how you can make money from it)

  1. Samy says:

    Hi there Jonathan BuddI really liked your great article on Jonathan Budd Gets Evicted… (and how you can make money from it). Fantastic suggestions, thanks a lot! Truly appreciated your site!

  2. Sam says:

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  3. Lacey says:

    I am really enjoying the theme/design of your website. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility problems? A few of my blog audience have complained about my blog not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome. Do you have any solutions to help fix this problem?

  4. Robert Skiba says:

    Most I can state is, I don’t know what to say! Except obviously, for the great tips which have been shared with this blog. I’ll think of a million fun approaches to read the content articles on this site. I’m sure I will finally take action using your tips on those issues I could not have been able to touch alone. You are so thoughtful to allow me to be one of those to profit from your beneficial information. Please realize how much I appreciate it.
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  5. Kenneth Rosier says:

    This is so perfect for me right now. I’ve been out with a foot injury for 5 months and I lost my position @ my job. I’ve got no money for rent for next month. They have’nt hired me back to my old position yet and I’ve worked in another dept., but they’ve cancelled me twice already. I have back taxes do. The state has garnished my wages to the tune of 25%. I have a trip home to visit my mother for her birthday in a months time and I used the ticket money for a new car battery, gas and some other bills.
    I’ve been feeling stressed and starting to blaming others for my situation when I’ve had conversations with family members about how long I’ve been out with my injury and I didn’t take the responsibility to call my job and inquire about how long I can be out with out there being a problem.
    I could’ve been working my online business during the time I had off so that maybe I would have some money coming in to help or I could’ve been in a position to quit this job. Lesson learned.
    Now’s the time for me to not become the victim but instead to become the Warrior and take the appropriate actions to resolve my situation, by creating a list of 50 ways to make money and to follow up with them and to “Create” what I want. I’ve done it before and I can do it again.
    Thank you for the words of encouragement and wisdom. Yes we are 100% responsible for the position we are in.

  6. Peter Hobler says:

    Jonathan, thanks for sharing your story. What an amazing lesson and great example for all of us for the difference that Mindset makes. Reminds me of the book I started yesterday, The Three Laws of Performance by Steven Zaffron and David Logan. Life is all about rewriting your future…

  7. Dave Beck says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    Great video and story about your experience. I am glad I got to watch this and learn about it, cause who knows when things like this might happen. Now I can watch out for stuff like this since I got to hear your story and now it is in the back of my mind for future reference.

    Dave Beck
    Dave Beck´s last blog ..Tribal Syndication Domination Review – Can It Really Help You Get More Traffic, Leads, And Sales?My ComLuv Profile

  8. Jerry Chen says:

    Great story, Mr. Jonathan Budd. You know that saying… “Experience is the best form of learning as long as it’s in somebody else’s experience.” Not gloating here but wanting to say great job at making the video and turning a challenge into a learning lesson for all of us!
    Jerry Chen´s last blog ..MLM Training – Types of backlinks for SEO and how they impact SERPMy ComLuv Profile

  9. Hans Schoff says:

    California is a funny state, especially for real estate. I’m surprised they were able to get away with what they did despite the fact you live in California, but since they knew you definitely had the ability to pay felt you were trying to take advantage. It’s pretty crazy, I’ve sat in the courtroom and heard one side of a story and thought the person was completely innocent until I heard the other side and realized the first person had to be a complete liar. The good news is you got a new pad and are moving on. Just be glad it’s over!
    Hans Schoff´s last blog ..You Don’t Have to be a Millionaire to be Wealthy – Tips for Creating WealthMy ComLuv Profile

  10. Gene Wolff says:

    Oh forgot to say, Amazing new blog layout. Really great design. Inspiring for me to recreate mine thanks.
    Gene Wolff´s last blog ..The Real Laws And Secrets Of The Universe – How To Attract Success In Your LifeMy ComLuv Profile

  11. Gene Wolff says:

    I luv this story Jonathan.

    This resonates a lot with me as well. I have for so long went through many pitfalls and downs in my life, only to realize what these really were. Heres my story, maybe it might inspire someone who visits your page.

    I was raised from what many would see as a shitty upbringing. My mother was a junky her whole life. My father was a gangsta and never contributed to my life. I was raised on Welfare since I was just a kid. My brother was a gangster. All my friends were negative influences and gangsters. And in the midst of everything I lost my mother to drugs when I was 17. Since then I have been on my own. I am 30 today.

    From the age of 12 to 17 I was one of the best basketball players to ever play in vancouver bc, Some said i was gonna make the NBA. I went to college, tore it up, but had a shitty surrounding eventually was forced to quit and go back home. Went to another college, another shitty situation popped up which prevented me from playing so I went back home. Then I went and played at another university and did awesome. But another conflicting situation popped up and I had to go back home.

    All my life it seems as though Ive always had the shitty end of the stick. Nothing ever went well for me despite been one of the best basketball players in canada. On top of that, alcohol started to take control of my life as well, depression sinked in and eventually it became a natural thing for me. Ive never had a good situation in my life. Ive always had to battle the odds and prevent my self from becoming a statistic. When i look at my life and how much shitty deals I was dealt I today see what they are really worth to me.

    Every failure and crap hand I was dealt has become some of my most powerful tools and experiences in my life today. No matter how bad it got I always kept on trying to move forward. Today I see all these situations as the greatest gift the universe could give me. A powerful story of odds and confliction.

    Eventually my kneas got bad and I was so close to trying out for the NBA. This is when I turned to the internet. I found my first business global domains international(2007). However, the hardest part of getting into online marketing was not knowing a dam thing of what the hell I was doing. On top of that I had no clue on what a mentor was, so for a year I did nothing but spend money and make NO money. I never knew what a mentor was because I was raised by a single mother on welfare with no father figure or role model in my life.

    Then BOOM, it hit me. It hit me like a ton of bricks. This is my education. This life and experiences I gained. Everything from losing my mom to having crappy kneas to not making one single penny online for 12 months and spending $4000 during that time, This was my story, my key to success. And everything I did up to this point when it hit me was because of me and of course just what I was born in. These all can become my skillsets!

    I needed to stop feeling sorry for my self and start asking and answering the questions that people need to ask. Like what will it take for me to be successful? Whats it gonna take for someone like me to figure this all out?

    I came up with so many answers i had to test them all out. And that was the key to getting what I wanted. Asking the right questions, thus developing an answer taht could give me the right path. In this time I need to also understand that I am in control of what comes out of my mind, body and soul. I was in control of everything and feeling sorry for my self was the one force that I kept telling the universe I wanted more of. Becuase this was the focus and mindset I had almost everyday of my life.

    I eventually went on to make the most ive ever made in 12 days. $3000
    The thing about everything that happened was I never took action on why these things kept happening. I never took action on learning the ROOT of where these negative action arise. There is a root to why these things happen. Its not a bad root, but a root designed to give you a chance to learn the “WHY”, “WHAT” and “HOW”.

    If we dont take action on these occurrances they then become reoccurring situations that arise frequently thus creating a constant nucleus for that force! We continue to plant a garden of terrible actions in our life because we fail to educate ourselves on the ROOT cause of them!

    Anyhow lesson learned and great story bro. Happy to share mine with all of you. Ciao

    -Gene Wolff
    “Use The Force”
    Gene Wolff´s last blog ..How To Increase Page Rank? TipsMy ComLuv Profile

  12. Philippe Tremblay says:

    A warrior always is ready to die, meaning that the things of life don’t have any weight. In other words, a warrior is ready to put everything on fire for his joy and peace of mind. Accept your life. It’s so much easier. Thanks for sharing your view Jonathan. Hope you like my words about how I live my life =)

  13. Terry Crowe says:

    It’s interesting that I see more and more people who are building wealth by learning, creating, and helping AND are in that process, also learning about how the system is corrupt.

    Most people I see creating their own wealth are also opening their eyes to the rest of the farce that we’re engulfed in.

    Thanks for sharing this story, Jonathan.
    Terry Crowe´s last blog ..Don’t lose your YouTube accountMy ComLuv Profile

  14. Michael Trier-hofby says:

    Hi Jonathan, thats what i wrote on your fan page wall man !! :) That´s what i just wanted to let you know about.. That fact that – Results is all, nothing else matters really. Its just fluff besides that.. Many people dont want to MAKE SURE the results they are creating is in line with what they want to be, have and learn etc. Results is ALL, nothing else really matters, its just talk, things happening and other “no value” stuff going on in the world (but it does not have to be in YOUR world, you choose if it must come into your world or not).

    Good lesson Mr. Budd i already learned this when i was 18-19 years old :) you will not be able to avoid these things, those mean people, etc. Just get what you want to get and do what you want to do, be who you want to be, forget the rest, it doesnt matter.

    Thank you im done.

    Kind regards
    Michael writing from Copenhagen

  15. Carol Perdue says:

    I loved it. LOL Sorry that you had to learn a hard lesson, but that is the way life goes. However, I am glad you turned into a learned lesson and made this video. I’ve been telling certain people I know this exact message for 21 years and sometimes I wonder if they will EVER learn. haha. My quick story, I worked almost 10 years with the local telephone co. I was almost making $50,000. Lost that job, but landed a new job that was subsidized by AOL. I was feeling pretty darn great and then after my two weeks training was over and I was doing the job that first week on the floor, I missed three days due to illness. My arthritis was acting up and I thought that I needed to start the medicine that was prescribed two months back, but I had been scared of the side effects. Well, a week later, I was diagnosed with Lupus, Vasculitis, Raynaud’s Disease, and RA. Gangrene had developed on two of my toes and both pointer fingers. Plus I had a broken hip. One night I told my husband, I will walk again, and I will beat this Lupus and get it under control. I knew I would, I had faith. Ok, things were getting better and he was still making good money, plus my disability, then two years ago, he broke his back, right ankle and shattered both heels and his left front orbital bone. Now he is on disability. Our income has been cut to a third (we lost our retail biz in the mall, and our home of 16 yrs where my babies were born) of what we were used to getting. Well, it’s been two years like I said, and recently, I told him, I am tired of being on disability and doing without and our children have suffered too. Tired of it. So, I am going back to finish my degree. In 24 months, I will have my BS in Internet Marketing. And if I loose the disability, then o well. I will over come this hurdle in life. Point being, Don’t be afraid to put your foot forward and make some changes. Go for it. Make it happen. Just like you said in the video. Because there will always be obstacles that pop up. Thanks for sharing and reading this long response. Keep up the great work.
    Carol Perdue´s last blog ..How to Motivate Yourself…..My ComLuv Profile

  16. Thanks Jonathan: Lessson learned here – we are responsible for what happens to us in most cases. If in the rare exceptions,it’s how we react to said situations. Great insight by you.


  17. Aloha Jonathan, great message taking ownership of our own actions rather we are right or overlooked the situation. The consequence was going to take in effect as any debt situation and it should have been expected. I empathize for your situation and good to see you are mature enough to recognize it and take action rather by moving to a new place or perusing legal justification. And answer will manifest itself to dissolve your situation. All the best to your conquest.

    However, you could purchase a home and not have to deal with landlord’s and make it an investment if you find it to be short term. In these, times it maybe something to consider. Well again, best of luck and I hope all good answers come from it. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing! Mahalo, :)
    Aloha –´s last blog ..Creativity Is How To Get More Viewers On YoutubeMy ComLuv Profile

  18. Saje says:

    I LOVE it that you told this story – it’s a great story. The legal system engagement question you’re asking yourself: just a thought I’ll share with you after taking it on once. Like everything on the planet, if you take it on (the legal system in this case) seeking justice or at least a process so you have a space to process a response to the landlord or to take a stand in a public way (cuz that’s often what taking it to the legal realm is for us) on his behavior, you’ll likely get some satisfaction from the process of taking it on (not necessarily from the final legal decision which is unpredictable – I studied law in grad school and its roots in Canada and the US come from British law which was created to protect the upper classes property rights and material wealth)….
    at the same time you will put a lot of energy into taking it on and probably experience a lot of frustration.
    So it might be better to cut your losses with the guy, let it go and find some other way to take the stand – you could write a letter to him telling him how you feel about the way it went down. While he might convince himself he doesn’t care, he has a soul and the soul will get the message – perhaps at the intellectual and conscience level, you’d just be planting a seed in very dry soil, but eventually it may rain and the seed could germinate. I say, never give up on anybody. But you can distance yourself from any possible future encounter with the guy or anyone else you don’t want to tangle with because you can’t tolerate their values.
    Didn’t start this message with any intention to have an opinion and didn’t have one, but as I wrote, it came up.
    BUT I do want to say thanks for making my day, by sharing this story. You’re an amazingly energetic guy who takes on a lot of challenges and you give a lot to all of us. For what it’s worth, it actually helps me to know that you a) are as vulnerable at times to the foibles and outrages of human behavior as the rest of us and b) that you’re willing to share that kind of story with us, at the risk of what could, to an arrogant person, seem like a mistake to share – simply because it makes you human and vulnerable to tell it.
    I love the story. I love your humility, your humor, your outrage and your take on the events.
    Thanks thanks and thanks for making my day. Love the pool. Move if you have to. Hey, you guys without internet access. Maybe it’s the biggest opportunity for something you can’t yet imagine that could change your whole game. I love that too. Look for the possibilities. Seek and you shall find man. Love it. Thanks. Saje

  19. laticia says:

    I love that you took responsibility from your situation. Asking yourself, “what is the lesson?” is the significant factor in growing ourselves as a person.
    laticia´s last blog ..A New Science In Network MarketingMy ComLuv Profile

  20. :) As my Mum used to say … “Would you rather be Right ? or Happy? ” during any argument … or bad situation going on .. LOL
    Great points in the video … & S**t happens … :)
    New Lesson Learnt !

  21. Andi says:

    Brilliant advice and a great video – no matter what’s going on, the buck stops here.

    If it is to be, then it’s up to me.

    Getting up again after you fell is a MUST to succeed in any endeavor. Daruma dolls in the Japanese culture and Vanka-Vstanka [_Ivan, get the heck up!_] in the Russian one illustrate the same principle.

    Thank you, Jonathan.

  22. Jeff says:

    Hey Jonathan

    Fantastic message! SHED THE NEGATIVE STUFF, AND WRITE YOUR OWN REALITY! Very accurate observations you have there! You are inspiring, and I feel lucky to have connected up with you!


  23. JB this video is exactly what my team needs to see. We are going through some similar challenges right now with our startup company and people are spending time trying to prove they are right at the same time messing up their psyche and producing no results. Perfect timing for this video. Thanks my man!

    Hameed Hemmat´s last blog ..Quality Vs Quantity- Your Social Media Brand Exposure May Be At Risk!My ComLuv Profile

  24. Congrats on totally avoiding the “victim” mentality and turning it into a positive.

    Great video!
    Jay Donaldson´s last blog ..Attend a Great Conference &amp Then Spice Up Your Video About Your VisitMy ComLuv Profile

  25. Cathy Sugden says:

    Hey Jonathan – dont even get me started on the legal system!!!! You sure are right that one needs the warrior’s armour! The only thing that matters in ANYTHING are the results:)
    Great to know you.
    Cathy in the UK

  26. Chandy says:

    this was a horrible expirence hon, I am sure you learned a lesson here. The moral of your story is very motivational and inspiring. Life to bring alot of ups and downs, its how we take it on and what we do after we have overcome the difficulties. ~~~Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal~~~~

    Your friend,
    Chandy´s last blog ..The 80-20 rule to achieving results faster in your business or projectMy ComLuv Profile

  27. Rui Ludovino says:

    Jonathan, man you made me laugh :)
    all that confusion and in the end a house without internet! Man thats a horror movie.
    and you are so right about that lesson in life.
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a wonderful day

  28. Liam Davis says:

    Lol, that’s a crazy story JB. Lovin’ the new look of your blog by the way. Looks amazing!

  29. Nicola says:

    i love this Jonathan!!!! yes you are right on!!!!! I so agree and have had my experience with the legal system –
    thank you for your authenticity – you are such a beautiful being! thank you!!
    good luck with finding a new place.

    with love and gratitude,

  30. Chris Kellar says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    I know many people that seem to overlook this simple concept of life. It’s not about what life deals you but how you react to it. In the last Rocky movie, the one when he comes out on a walker :-) , there was a great clip that I constantly ponder on when life throws me a curve ball. It goes like this:

    “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You.. me.. and nobody.. is gonna hit as hard life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!!”

    Keep at it my friend and things will turn around like they always do. That’s the warrior mentality.

    Your Friend,

    Chris Kellar

  31. Donna says:

    I agree, this came at a great time, shows things happen to us all.

  32. ken jolly says:

    thanks jonathan life is all about positivity.

  33. Bruce Price says:

    Wow, I really get it. It really does boil down to the energy you put out, good or bad. You get back exactly what you put out. It is the law of attraction. Thanks for your story, thanks for being able to laugh while telling us. I really appreciate all your videos and the time and energy I see that you put into them.


  34. Lisa says:

    This was too great! Full of wisdom and truth!! This video came at the right moment for me.

  35. Nathan Burns says:


    Great post and perfect timing for me too! You are a great testament to everyone who is out there everyday showing up and being a doer and taking full responsibility for whatever occurs in our life experiences good and bad.

    The cause of everything is within each of us, and the effects is what we experience in our life. The moral of the story is to watch the stories we tell ourselves because the stories we tell ourselves silently or verbally will become our life experiences.

  36. Meck says:

    fantastic post, I needed to remind myself exactly that. Empowering thought – creating results. We all often get caught up with all the s#@t around us. So thanks for reminder.

  37. Jonathan, What a great story! You take “warrior” into a whole new dimension. Beyond right and wrong and stories, stories, stories lies true power seeded in the self-directed life. Good for you!
    Shayla Roberts´s last blog ..95 Drop Out in MLMs – Are You KiddingMy ComLuv Profile

  38. Mary Wang says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    It is indeed a great video with a powerful message. I love it! We all face difficulties and distractions in our life. We can not change the circumstance, but we can change our attitude and the way we handle those situations.

    Looking forward to more of your videos.

  39. David Youngs says:

    Wow, what an incredible ongoing story. This is the stuff that is BETTER than the movies. It sounds to me like your devious landlord has been manipulating the system for a long time now. But I am of the firm belief that whatever goes around comes around. In time, he will probably live to regret his decisions. Meanwhile, you have done the best possible thing and are no longer renting from him, no longer supporting him in any way, even indirectly. When the good people receive eternal life, your landlord will suddenly realize that even though he was “successful” in this world, that is all he will ever have. What a loss when viewed from the eternal view. There is nothing in this world that is worth eternal life. Nothing. Missing out on eternal life has got to be the biggest bummer of all. So just be sure when Jesus comes, that you have a living growing relationship with him and I will see you in the New Jeruselem. Love conquers all. Perhaps not immediately, but in the very end, love wins. So keep being a love warrior.

  40. James Foster says:

    I understand totally what you just went through! I’m experiencing something similar to that right now my self. You are right too have said to be more prepared for that; because I’ve learned from one of my favorite quotes ; “Chance favors the prepared Mind”.

    Thanks ,


  41. David says:

    Ha ha – Truly a great story :-)

  42. Lon says:

    Your new Landlord just screwed you (maybe). Hire an Attorney, void the Lease… Internet Access should have been disclosed upfront by the new Landlord or his representative (RE Agent/Broker). If you cannot void the lease legally, then, sub-lease, if allowed and find another place. Laying new cable is an option, but, the time and cost will be the issue.

    If you really, really love the place, consider co-locating a modem with a neighbor or business down the road that is not in the dead zone and run a short-range point-to-point wireless link from that access point to your home. (These are not 802.xx devices, they are more robust (talk to an expert) and split the access from there to your in-home LAN setup)……Bribe them with maybe 50.00 per month and offer pay to upgrade them to a Premium Cable Plan, assuming they would consider allowing you to split their access point….

    If you are really, really, really in love with the place, take a huge chunk of the 10 mil and build your own private cell tower. Hope it works out!!!!

  43. Hi! thanks for sharing your experience…it was not a bad experience….just another learning curve! We always need to find the silver lining in every challenging situation.

  44. dalton says:

    It does sound like they tricked you good, but wondering if you did something to piss them off? Perhaps the owner didn’t like your internet biz, or wild parties? just wondering.
    BTW there’s a law expect called Marc Stevens and I think he lives out there somewhere, could have some good advice for you. It sounds like they totally screwed up and you should retain a lawyer, play their game, and sue the hell out of them. Not necessarily because you need the money but you can’t let them get away with that.

  45. Eric Digby says:

    In summation Life Is What You Make It and we can percieve negative situations in a positive or negative light. But on the flip side if we be passive and choose to allow things to transpire because we choose not to view the situation in a negative way because we believe it will not produce a result. Then we defeat the very purpose of “fighing back”. My opinion, fight back do not be passive-aggressive Johnathon, do not allow that situation to continue, seek legal retribution

  46. Kim Lerner says:

    Jonathan .. thanks so much for reminding us that we are responsible for how we approach the world! We are in control of the results that we produce in life!!

    Kim Lerner
    Kim Lerner´s last blog ..If You Don’t Have A Fan PageGet One!My ComLuv Profile

  47. Pauline says:

    Great video! What you say is so true and I am glad you took the positive outlook and moved on.

    A point you dont mention is that all the time you were living in the last house you had that evil landlord just waiting to do you harm at any time he felt like it. Its not a state you want to be in. Now he showed his true colours and you have gotten him off your lines. So thats all good. How can you do well in life with a guy like that hidden from view in the sidelines.

    Yes life is a game. The legal system certainly is. You have to play that game to win with a good lawyer and more knowledge yourself. From your cause position now it would be good to nail that landlord if only so he cant do the same thing again to others.

    Next time you rent check out the landlord and the internet connections! Better still BUY your own place!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  48. Robert says:

    Heya Jonathan,
    I know and have experienced your pain brother. I have been through all that you have in your case on this video…..and you are right, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I think there are negative forces out there that you can’t control. But what you can control is how you handle it. Just a reminder… from Steven Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people. One of the habits is don’t react to negative, but be proactive ( learn from your mistakes and/or negative things that happen to you in life—proactve. And thanks for sharing your video.

  49. Starr says:

    Hey there, loved the video! So true, so true…

    Now the place looks really nice, great views, the pool and such. But have you thought, to approach the person you’re renting from and cut a deal. Offer to have the place wired – if that’s in your range to offer….then ask the guy for a discount on the place for doing this.
    The guy may have had trouble renting because it’s in a dead space – talk to him about it.
    But number one – either tape the conversation or get the whole deal written up by a lawyer so that it’s all set up in black and white.
    Once that’s signed and witnessed you’ve some protection. Also make sure you’ve renter’s insurance – sorta a given, but lots of people forget to do it. It just doesn’t cross their mind. Don’t get distracted by the tons of stuff to do, get a policy a.s.a.p.
    Take an example – you move in, boxes are mostly all packed yet, just a few things are unpacked. You decide to go out with friends to the fair, out to eat, off for drinks – all or some of the above. You come back to find that someone has broke in and you are missing a bunch of boxes. Cops come and take the report, go over the place and leave. If you have no renter’s insurance – you are done. If you have it, you call up the agent after the cops and you get them to the place to do an assessment.
    Best thing to do in moving is to have boxes numbered and know the contents of each one. Don’t put the list on the box since anyone would know what’s in it and some dishonest mover may take off with your stereo equipment.
    But a number on the box lets them know you have the boxes marked and counted. Less likely they are going to make one go missing. Have a notebook with the box number and what’s in it with you.
    Granted you were strapped for time – but this is a good habit to have. That way if you need to move fast you get out the numbered boxes and put the stuff into them that goes in. If you add something, add it to the listing. This way makes you more protected and cuts down on the “Hey, where’s the toaster?” “Which box has the files from the office?”

    You have it totally right about what you “should have” done as soon as that sheriff came by. It was most definitely, lawyer time – not miller time. lol
    But that seems to be the typical reaction – “Whew! I’m not in trouble. Boy, that was intense. Hand me a brew.” the mind needs to say more like “Hand me the cell, I need to call my lawyer.”

    Nice thing is there’s a rather affordable legal service group that charges a flat rate per year, or you can opt for monthly smaller payments. But it gives you access to a lawyer – well, a large group of lawyers that cover just about anything you would need a lawyer for. It’s a lot less expensive than having to find one after you need one and are shelling out big bucks for his services. So it’s an option that could be useful for those who want some added peace of mind.

    So hope that my suggestions are of use to you or anyone else – a bit of pre-planning never hurts anyone and it’s always best to make sure that the cards your holding contain a few aces in this game…rather than having to deal with a situation, when all you have is a pair of jokers.

    Carpe Diem!

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