How To Be An Absolutely AMAZING Marketer…

Well, I never intended to give so much value, training, and truthfully ‘Game Changing’ advice in one free random video…

But it just happened that way.

Take my advice, if you follow word for word what I teach you in this video on being an absolutely AMAZING marketer, you will stand out above EVERYONE around you.  You will be LOVED by people everywhere (Including your prospects). You will be able to create almost any type of financial reality you want for yourself at will.  And you’ll access a VAST amount of creativity and AUTHORITY that is already existing inside of you… (and you just need to connect to it)

Yes, you’re going to get ALL of that out of one video.  Enjoy…

Trust me, I’m not lying… this is one of the most valuable videos I’ve ever made… teaching you how to truthfully BECOME AND BE a top marketer, leader, and ENTREPRENEUR in our world.

If after watching this, you feel lifted up, energized, and more Empowered to create what you want in life, then leave me a message below!

I love you all! Rock on…


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About Jonathan Budd

Well, I have discovered who I am... and thus realized what I am truly capable of life. Now, I want to share that with others. By learning from me... you will GROW as both a human being and an entrepreneur... and will step into shoes that are capable of going ANYWHERE in life. You'll see that more soon... :)
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95 Responses to How To Be An Absolutely AMAZING Marketer…

  1. I love the whole Mathew McConnehy vibe. Love the energy and love your style. My best to you my friend!

  2. Ciao JB!

  3. Peter Coach says:

    We create our world by the words we speak. We frame our world with positive life giving energy, learn to be connected to God and see his inspiration speak forth through your heart to bless the lives of others.
    Peter Coach´s last blog ..Complete Solution For Growing Your Network Marketing Business My ComLuv Profile

  4. Your message is right on and as you say there really is nothing else to focus on as we create our own world each day.
    I often use the Joe Vitale phrase: I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, as I take full responsibility for every thought and action I have and do.
    You are a good example of that philosophy.
    Marie Leonard´s last blog ..Why Branding Building Is Crucial To Your Online Business My ComLuv Profile

  5. TO “Jonathan”
    It is what it is. I speak this way because of the similar frequency of cosmic understanding you have. These below link will guide you more into the path. You may have already watched it, but this is the key. You’re definitely in the path to understanding self and becoming an awesome creator. Hope to someday meet you my brother.


  6. Elsa Mendoza says:

    I need one of those moment of inspiration to tell you how much your message got into my mind. Thank you for sharing your feelings and your knowledge. You are amazing son. God bless you!

  7. Héctor says:

    Hola Jonathan, escribí a propósito este mensaje en Español porque tengo una gran duda desde la primera vez que vi uno de tus videos, ¿Por qué con la capacidad económica que tienes y con la tecnología avanzada en Internet no están tus videos traducidos al Español? ¿No te interesa que nosotros los de habla en español podamos estar al pendiente de tus videos? ¿No te interesan los prospectos de habla hispana como yo? ¿Adquirí tu herramienta el 7 figure y no alcanzo a comprender por qué no, traduces tus videos ó los titulas a todos los idiomas?
    Espero recibir alguna respuesta también en español.

    Gracias de todos modos, gracias adelantado, Gracias Jonathan
    Pero tengo la completa necesidad de aprender más de ti, en el idioma Español
    Héctor´s last blog ..¡Hola mundo- My ComLuv Profile

    • Elsa Mendoza says:

      Hèctor este joven es increìblemente extraordinario.He pensado muchas veces lo que tu has planteado. Te felicito por la iniciativa, tambièn el requerirà de alguièn que traduzca y tenga su dicciòn para poder transmitir autenticidad. Una posibilidad serìa màs bien sub-titular los videos. Un abrazo

  8. So awesome, you and your brother speak amazing words of wisdom about the reality all around us and about the true potential that exists within us all.


  9. Love where you come from! I understand everyone is on their own path, but it amazes me the wisdom and articulation of it from someone so young. It’s taken me my whole life to understand what you speak of and still have not seemed to internalize it (obviously). As you mentioned before it’s a wisdom the world needs more than ever and so never stop. It’s a healing really. Thanks!

  10. Hi Jonathon,
    Thank you so much for this video. It took me many years to come to the realizations that you so eloquently expressed in your video. Loving everyone and everything is the only way to live in this world. Your message needs to get out to every person, no matter what they do for a living.

    I love it that a young person like yourself has come to this realization. Now that I’ve seen this video and you’ve shared what you feel in your heart, I realize how congruent you are with the universe (whatever you call your higher power). I am proud to be here with you.

    You are definitely an inspiration. I look forward to more words of wisdom from such a loving mentor.

    Thanks again for your giving and loving nature.

  11. Charlie Ullo says:

    Thanks, I really enjoyed it. It’s amazing that you’vereached
    this plateau so soon on your journey. Looking forward to meeting you.

  12. Jonathan,
    My computer has been down since Friday, so I am just getting this video. Anyway, I looked in the mirror yesterday and today and told myself how much I loved me. How awesome is that. Also at church yesterday, I made the comment that everything begins with a thought, and what we think about, we bring about. How amazing. And just to piggy back on what you said about the tree, the table, the sky, the thing we all have in common is that we are all ENERGY, and our makeup is the same, atoms, protons and neutrons…..All the same. We are the tree, we are the sky, we are the table.
    Your message was awesome and well received
    Good Reads, “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy, and THINK and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

    Love, Peace & Blessings,

  13. Tracy says:

    I love that you have bird of paradise in your backyard…so jealous…i have one here in canada but it’s indoors…
    anyways…love your vid…i have to have intention!!!

  14. Itís an incredibe video Mr. Jonathan All we need is take accion and study all the time, marketing as you said si complete cience.

  15. Carstarphen says:

    You or so right about caring about the people that buy from you.

    You can almost sense when a marketer is more concerned about getting your money than delivering value that can help you.

    Thanks JB,

    The Cartoon Coach
    Get Your Cartoon Picture

  16. Thanks JB. I say “Amen and amen!” to everything you shared. I get inspiration for blog posts, articles, etc either while walking or just afterwards. I live on an island off the coast of Maine and enjoy walking in a particular place near the shore, its quiet, no cars,no noise expect the ocean sounds. Fills me up so that then I may give to others. God bless and thanks from the bottom of my heart for all you do – Susan H.

  17. Joel Torres says:

    so cool! thanks jonathan for again, sharing your most inter thoughts on self and as usual, the marketing biz. I know, with confidence, I’m building with the right people.

  18. Robert Horn says:

    This is truly a life changing message Jonathin,I appreciate you sharing this with us.WORDS TO LIVE BY!

  19. This was an awesome video! Thank you sOOOO much!

  20. whitford99 says:

    Your Message : Amazing energy Jonathan ! Straight from the heart thanks for honestly trying to be so clear about how to enrich our lives and those around us, and so much more….Peace

  21. Hey Jonathan ,thank you for being dedicated to adding so much value into our lives. That was incredible training video. I’m soaking up all that value like a sponge, but I’d like to be able to release it to many people as well. I appreciate you, thank you for everything.

  22. Len Kramer says:

    Your Message Hey Jonathan, you are an amazing marketer!
    And a great friend! As John M. Fogg always ends his messages, I appreciate you.

  23. Super video post Jonathan, I’ve been using this same principle in my life and business, and it’s incredible where it comes from, and how I tap into my creativity and produce good ideas and keep the positive going. The law of attraction is a POWERFUL thing. Stated from what you said: “If you want to be a master marketer, you need to tap into your creativity.” Thanks Jonthan.
    Terrance Charles´s last blog ..Top 100 Most Helpful Twitter Tips… My ComLuv Profile

  24. moana says:

    Your Message I agree with this 100%. About 2yrs ago i began to see that i could not love myself and suddenly realised that i had to change this perception of myself. listening to this confirms it. I have just begun to align this kind of thinking with business and having someone like you helps us to bring out whats inside us. Thanks so much

  25. Great info….the only question Im left with now as I progress is how people can come up with real genuine valuable content that people will want to “follow”…its like me being talented in music, and saying…”Just be musically talented like I am….” I think a business acumen and a communication ability is just like anything else….some have it and some don’t….So how to continue learning and giving in real time a recognizable value so that people will want to follow me is the greatest challenge. That is the single greatest challenge in telling people to be the type of leader that people will want to listen to and buy from.

    • admin says:

      Great points.

      But the only way to get there is to keep developing at all costs… and always believe in yourself.

      Many people with no talent at certain points in their life have gone on to do great things. :)

  26. LJennna says:

    Your Message
    Thank you so much Johnathan, this really is aligned with the principles I live by and your presentation had that authentic creative flow that was so captivating.
    Retweeted with great pleasure ~ have a wonderful day ~

  27. JBudd…

    Absolutely AMAZING! You are right on
    with everything in this video. Most marketers
    out there are stuck in the physical sense,
    and not in touch with the spiritual.

    I’m lovin’ all you are sharing… keep rockin’ it:)
    eric goldstein´s last blog ..Google Voice… Get A Personalized Phone Number My ComLuv Profile

  28. Nice video Jonathan. But, I live in Sunny California and if I was to make a backyard video w/o my shirt on. The plug would get pulled on me.

  29. I just loved this video its one of my all time favorites.I have been following for months and the value you bring is beyond words.Thank you my friend, Lawrence Britt.

  30. John Paul says:

    Hey Buddy, WHAT IS HAPPENING??!! – I just watched the Video and you are awesome – like a phase conjugate mirror tracking with it’s light source and reversing time.

    Here is something i wrote that I KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE!! – I call it Quantum Wave & Relationship Theory. You can see it at: -please retweet if you really get a BUZZ of of it – which i KNOW you WILL.

    Take care Brother and Rock On!

  31. David says:

    Awesome, Jonathon. by the way, is that your dog?

  32. Mirko says:

    My friend,

    it is as easy not to trust you, as it is , to trust you,
    because your lesson seems sheer to good to be true. But have decided to choose the latter! Great! Enjoyed listening to you and will study you more – and will hence pay you money – so much for reciprocity! :-)

    Keep going Jonathan. Awesome.


  33. Kathy Jodrey says:


    As always, you’ve totally over-delivered! I’m ecstatic to have a mentor that not only has the best marketing tactics on the planet, but also has the mindset to revolutionize this world of ours. We thank you, we love you, we are you…
    Kathy Jodrey´s last blog ..How to Use Social Media for Business Success My ComLuv Profile

  34. jordan magee says:

    Sounds like somebody’s been reading ALOT of David Icke lol. In his books ive read he virtually says EXACTLY what is said in this video. Not that theres anything wrong with that because I am a fan of the works of David Icke myself, still an informative video none the less.

  35. Blake says:

    You hit the nail on the head! As marketers we forget the #1 rule is that it’s not about US! It’s about the people we can help by sharing our business with them whatever it may be. We have to remember that people want to know what’s in it for me and we as marketers it’s our jobs to help people with whatever desire they may have. Thank you Jonathan really great stuff, you made me get me perspective back.

  36. Jordan says:

    Spot on JBudd. Not only does what you’re saying hold true in quantum physics, but science is and always will be evolving.
    First the world was flat, then the force of gravity was discovered, then electricity.

    This stuff has always existed, it was just waiting to be discovered.

    What I want to know is: what truths and realities are out there that humans are incapable of conceiving due to our physical nature and might only grasp in a distant future.

  37. Elizabeth says:

    Another awesome video!! Thanks Jonathan for the inspiration and positive message you send!
    Elizabeth ´s last blog ..Easy PTC-make money online My ComLuv Profile

  38. Evie says:

    ABSOLUTELY amazing :-) But you knew that. I look forward to my daughter watching this tomorrow and Monday we get to work :-)

    Thank You
    Evie´s last blog ..2emc: @jonathanbudd Rockin’ Video :-) Thank You (-: My ComLuv Profile

  39. Taylor says:

    Most likely the most powerful video I’ve ever seen…and I’m not kidding when I say that. If everyone had a mindset like you, marketing wouldn’t exist, because there wouldn’t be a desire for that hot new material “thing.”

    Keep on giving out these awesome video’s man, there isn’t anyone on the internet like you. Thanks!
    Taylor´s last blog ..The Best Bodybuilding Supplements My ComLuv Profile

  40. Thanks for the valuable video Jonathan. I love how you connect the dots between law of attraction principles and success with marketing.

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