Beware the “Dark” side of Marketing

I am going to expose the “formula”.  You know the formula, you’ve seen it a million times, it’s been used on you… and now it’s time for you to know the truth.  This video will likely change your view of marketing forever, that’s my warning.

There is a better way.  And I’ll share where the future of marketing is going inside.

All the best,

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P.P.S Here is the AMAZING book I was telling you about. “winning the story wars” – by Jonah Sachs. It’s truly amazing. Buy a copy now, and you will understand true empowerment marketing, and what the REAL future of telling stories is.



About Jonathan Budd

Well, I have discovered who I am... and thus realized what I am truly capable of life. Now, I want to share that with others. By learning from me... you will GROW as both a human being and an entrepreneur... and will step into shoes that are capable of going ANYWHERE in life. You'll see that more soon... :)
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  1. Francisco says:

    Hey JB

    First of all thankyou because in 2009 when i started as a digital entrepreneur you were there for me.

    Maybe i dont get it right, but after all the i believe the formula is the same .

    The only difference (maybe), is that instead of creating a turbulance by pain you create it by inspiration.

    Actually you did it in your video:

    1) Theres is a problem (old thinking)
    2) There is an agitation (the world is wrong but you can change it)
    3) Solution Use this type of marketing.

    I just believe that the problem is that usually marketing is not conceived as a way to actually help people to solve their needs and put all your heart our heart and effort in making others to take an action, but as a selfish “i want to sell and earn money”

    I believe i like both creating a little bit of turbulance “Hey you if you stay there your gonna loose your money” and inspiration “Come to the dark side and we can make you and everybody else richer, so we can live a better world”.

    What you think?

  2. Love the video, Jonathan!

    the message is profound! Empowerment is what it’s all about. We all want to feel empowered and lifting other people up and help them discover their own potential should be at the top of our agenda as marketers, but also as human beings.
    Telling Empowering stories and inspiring others are exaclty what make some people become the best of the best and stand out in their industry, weather it is in personal development, marketing, or any other industry.

    I’m going to check out the book! Thanks for all that you do and stand for my friend!
    You were my very first mentor in this industry and you are one of the best I’ve ever had!

    Take care and keep on empowering! :)

  3. Theresa Key says:

    JB I’m so glad you were able to put your finger on the pulse of the problem. As as coach and
    student of yours I can honestly say that your community of students and fans are way more empowered than most. In fact, I was shocked and dissolusioned by what I’ve seen – instead of talking about marketing most clients/students want to talk about inadequacy. I’ve literally spoken to accomplished people that have ventured into this industry – where they approach learning and development like a scared, wet cat! I’m so glad you started this conversation because there is a better way. An EPIC video my friend. Let’s all change the game!

  4. Sam says:

    Thanks a lot JB. Always giving useful, top content as usual. Appreciate it

  5. Great video Jonathan. I must say that for some time I also feel that not everything what I learned about marekting (also from you several years ago) is “good” for me.

    What I mean by that is that after some time, I started to think about many things and I realized that some of the ‘marketing rules’ just aren’t for me and now I watched your video and what I can say – I’m not alone ;-)

    Thanks for your message (I just found pretty cool video with Jonah Sachs and I must say that he’s smart :-) ).

  6. Ian L. Hananford says:

    Very enjoyable and empowering video JB, I see a potential political future here if only someone would listen and act, goodness only knows your country needs some leadership right now!

  7. Jonathan Budd!!I love this video and your message, that being said, i do realize that everyone is in their own journey and doing the best they can, i’ve been very fortunate to generate millions of dollars in this industry and i remember you were one of my very first earliest mentors…

    Now at that time i was not interested / or entertained by “empowered marketing” i was in a desperate situation and that was the type of marketing i needed to hear for me to get off my ass and change my life as a 21yr old kid.

    I am going to be more conscious of my marketing messages, and will aim to create more empowering marketing and sales messages to lift people up.

    Thanks for this video, you rock brother
    See you then!

    • you know it bro. We were all in the same boat. The whole world has been in the same boat for the last 100 years… and I think it’s just time for something better. ;) Check out the book “Story Wars” when you get a chance. You wilL LOVE it bro. LOVE IT. It’s so friggin creative, and really teaches marketers how to tap into their TRUE creativity to tell the best stories.

  8. Oliver Gillz says:

    Finally!!! Finaaaallllyyy!!! Someone pinned point what i was feeling since 2010! I’ve never been able to find the “why” i was feeling like that… bad about what i was doing…. Thanks Jonathan.. You’ve light a huge light over me! Take care buddy..

  9. Thank you Jonathan, what a great video and message. I just watched the movie/video “The Hero’s Journey”. You are so right. I like the term: Empower Marketing :-) Very inspiring and that makes us inspirerers, because that’s what we want, to change lives. LOVE IT!

  10. Jan Mikael says:

    I really liked to hear this perspective
    Thats Why I don’t have a problem telling the story to my closest family and friends about a product when it is storytelling and not selling. If they don’t like me making money on them they are welcome to keep the profit. That’s part of the story ;) BE1

  11. scotty says:

    My lunch time empower hour with J. Budd worth every minute. Thanks for filling that void that has worried me regarding making the steps to really proceed in this industry. My glass is always half full your teachings make it rise. For that I am pleased today and feel a post is truly necessary.
    Thank you sir.

  12. karl Henshaw says:

    This is not just one of the best Marketing Videos I’ve seen, but one of the best videos Period…..

    Jonathan my Digital Connection, I’ve been into The Truth for Years…….

    Many of my heroes are not Marketers or Business Men, but Men who stand up for Justice…..

    I recognized at a certain point on my journey that in order to make the biggest impact on the World, the more money and connection one makes the better…

    The more good people control capital the better for us all……

    Likewise I have read hundreds of books and touched on some stuff you’ve probably came across such as Freud’s Nephews Edward Bernays Propaganda and other books and documentary that pointed out that the System is Rigged to make us all Feel Inadequate…..


    I Remember the Great Man Bill Hicks saying He wish all Marketers Died and that he hates them all…..

    I Think if he ever seen this Video his views may change………

    I’m with you on this Jonathan, it’s Time for a Shift not just in Marketing, but the World…….

    I Imagine that if Marketers came together, Good Marketers, ones with a Heart, A Mission Greater than Wealth, they could Sincerely Change the World for the Better……

    Respect Mate, Karl, Liverpool…U.K…..

    • you rock Karl!! And you’re right bro… Bill was an AMAZING story teller. he told stories that speak to our soul, and resonate with truth, and that’s why everyone loved him. Marketers have the same potential now… we just have to step into EMPOWERMENT marketing and create the new stories that move humanity to action, and uplift the world. We truly have the power to do that, it’s amazing!

  13. It’s about time I heard from one the the “guru’s” out there about honesty, integrity, telling the truth… always! I have been in this industry for 9 years and picked up on the lack of what you call empowerment marketing. I embraced this a few years ago and created my own brand called Integrity Networker. Keep telling your story JB because there are those of us out here that really do believe people are smart and deserve to be told the truth! Like any good parent knows… encouragement goes a long way :)

  14. Paul Weston says:

    I think you are really starting to unpack the depths of meaning in your ‘Unstoppable’ theme. To fully activate the hero/heroine’s journey is the best way to become unstoppable. It’s a law of nature. The more it is engaged, the more clearly can be distinguished what is nourishing to it and what most definitely isn’t.

  15. Nathan Prama says:

    Hmmm well a hundred years or storytelling the same old crap can seem rather redundant. The first one being some kind of warrior ship mentality of picking up a sword and going to war. Thats based on inadequacy to begin with rather than that which self sustains.

    Pains are negatively charged. That is simply energy that has to move.

    2014 now marks the end of the era where it was energetically possible to support a lie.

    I like to opt out of that old social construct and into the model of teaching people how their mind works to create anything they want and live their own story of truth. We do this every weekend as a free twelve hour class on this in Mt shasta area on weekends. We opt out of changing problems and thus only offer solutions. Just do it!

    Storytelling for me started in teepee meetings out in the desert.
    my little idea on empowerment marketing.

    Have a blessed day.

  16. Amy Dalton says:

    Thank you for your vulnerability and honesty through your journey….Up until watching some of your most recent videos I had come to the conclusion that marketing of any type was manipulative, disempowering, self seeking and an overall scam. The bombardment of programs, online courses and pyramid schemes to make money left me feeling distrust, hopelessness, and fear that I would have to sell my soul to be successful. I have no current desire to be an internet marketer, but I appreciate the genuine desire to move from disempowerment to empowerment. You are on the forefront for a future where success can also be in alignment with purpose and bring fulfillment. Keep on telling the truth because every time you do it sets some of free just listening.

    • It’s all what we make of it Amy!! You don’t have to sell your soul to be successful… you just have to fully FIND IT and let it out! Speaking the truth i what resonates with people more than anything. Keep going my dear! :)

  17. Love this soooooo much! I’m a 19 year old here in California and I’m just getting into information marketing/ internet marketing. This video has seriously been the biggest mind shift since I started my journey. I can see with my generation that the “inadequacy marketing” is starting to become ineffective. My generation has been so inundated with commercials that most don’t sink in. I want to build my generation up not tear them down! Shout out Jonathan I love your stuff and I would love to spend a day shadowing you. I don’t care how far I have to drive it would be worth it. Think about it :) thank you again!

  18. Thank you Jonathan for speaking what I have felt since being introduced to this profession, I knew I wanted success, but never at the expense of another’s well being,…My desire has always been to help others see the greatness that lies sleeping within them…and to help lift them up , that they may soar into all that God created them to be…..Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a message so powerful and long overdue….Not only for marketeers but the world at large to see when we lift others up is when we ourselves step into our own power…..Many Blessings

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  20. Lee says:

    Brother, it’s good to have you back man!

    And boy am I in serious allignment with your message here!

    I, like yourself, have been on a personal journey, a journey which has seen me questioning the ethics and integrity of the industry. An industry which draws to it such incredibly powerful, enlightened people, who generally let themselves down by getting drawn into the scarcity, fear based, BS marketing, that does nothing but drag more people down to that level.

    Can you imagine, the incredible impact WE, as an industry, as a collective of empowered, inspired warriors could make on the world, if we ALL stepped into the highest aspect of ourselves and focused on the greater good? As opposed to parting people from their cash…at any cost!

    Lets change the story my friend!


    PS. Congrats on becoming a dad! It changes things a little, huh? :-)

  21. Sandy says:

    Hi Jonathan, I don’t know how to start this, only to just come out and say it. I listened to one of your videos and you said that you had an experience where you felt a strong, pure love that overtook you soul. I have felt that also. Of all the people that I know, you are the only other person that has ever had that experience. It is a totally amazing experience that changes you to the core.

    Let me tell you something. I know I don’t have the power, influence, or money that you have, but I can tell you from listening to this video that you have not truly embraced the power of that love. Maybe you don’t understand what I’m saying, but someday perhaps you will.

  22. Zenith says:

    Jonathan thanks for putting into words what I have been feeling. Heading to get the book now. Personally, I have been contemplating how to replace the “scarcity” call to action in current sales models with abundance. Love to hear any ideas you have on this. I appreciate you and your commitment to truth and authenticity!

    • I’ve been thinking about a new “formula”. :) The first part of it is… TELL THE TRUTH THROUGHOUT. The 2nd part is… your viewer / listener is the HERO, not you or your product. I’m sure more will keep coming, but there is def. a new formula on the horizon.

  23. dean says:

    …its sad that people take advantage of the weak.Its been going on with Internet Marketers, and continues. BUT…this new..Uplift people and show them how great they are…will only work with some..The rest…are NOT made to succeed, because the TRUTH is 99% are followers, so telling them they are leaders, is untrue, and therefore, while it may make you feel better, it still isn’t the truth, and soon enough they will feel the sad realization that some win, but most loose(which is the truth). In the meantime.. You Thank for buying the product… It may help product owners with their conscience, and will make them a ton of money…but TRUTH is..very few will come out of it as super heros … before discovering the fact that some are leaders but many more will always be followers.

    • Hey Dean, I can see why you might be left to form that conclusion. Most people on the outside don’t appear to hit their money making goals, etc. But I think your view of people is doing them a great disservice, and I certainly hope you’re not in the business of coaching people if you have this view. Leaders don’t look at the world as black and white. Followers leaders. Leaders look at the world and see potential in people, and they help bring that out of them. Every single person has the ability to live a life aligned with their values, and that’s fulfilling to them. Success isn’t about how much money you make, that’s an OLD school BS definition that has fallen apart. You can make tons of money and be a miserable fool. Success is about the hero’s journey. The new paradigm shift of marketing is telling better stories, and speaking the truth. If you think the truth is 99% of people are “losers” like you’ve sort of made them out to be here… thats kind of sad bro. Hope you buy the book Winning the Story Wars and go deeper into it. Keep rockin buddy!

  24. Man you are really on the egde of the empowering crusade thatnks for leading us and sharing this powerful message. Sergio

  25. Ryan Yokome says:

    Awesome message as always JB. This video is incredible on so many levels. I think the cosmic twist is seeing the light in everything. Even the opposite “darker” side of marketing. Take me as a case study. I’ve bought your products, marketed your products and learned a shit ton from you over the years. Even though the marketing style might not have been totally authentic to you, you provided the tools to help me change my life. For that I am so grateful for. So I think we can really embrace all aspects both dark and light. Keep rocking bro.

    • That’s a great point my friend! :) Thanks for speaking to it. No doubt a lot of good has come from the AUTHENTICITY that drives us as entrepreneurs, and our passion to help people. I know the same for tons of other marketers… and still reflecting on it I think it’s just time to get rid of the inadequacy marketing once and for all. We can do better. We can sell products, and lift people up, without following the inadequacies formulas that run rampant in the world today. Rock on bro,

  26. Leonardo says:

    Just bought the Audio Book Winning the Story Wars. Thank you, JB!

  27. Amazing brother, it’s so true, most don’t even realize that there is another way to sell, and this just showed the world how much more powerful it is to sell by showing people they are truly rockstars, rather than Losers needing your assistance, product or service.

    In my journey I have tried and used both forms of these marketing methods and I’ve always chose to believe that people are more powerful than they realize… What this video made me realize is that when I am really doing my best work, all I am really doing is empowering people, rather than selling to them.

    Thanks for sharing the truth brother, I hope this reaches thousands of people, our industry needs to see this.

    You rock brother

    • I appreciate you my friend. I’ve always seen that about you… taking a stand for lifting people up first and foremost. And truly… that is empowerment marketing. That’s what people really need. That’s what our world needs. Keep crushing it brother, and share the message so we can get it out there!

  28. Jill Weadick says:

    As a spiritual, creative healer your message is powerful for me. As I continue my business path I feel very inspired by your message. There is a better way! Empowerment is the only way to a better world, for all of us. I will order the book and I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes you as I have a feeling great things are coming for you. Thank you for this awesome message!

  29. Incredible message my man. I am so aligned with what you speak. I have been teaching that everything you need is in you. It is nothing that the world will give you. I tell people that to change anything is to change the story.

    That is why I said “Fear” is never an issue. “Fear” is a result of the story that you have written. Change the story and Fear will address itself.

    I believe this to be true in everything.

    So thanks for your message Sir. Keep standing up and being you

    You are awesome

    Your Uplifting Partner
    Ron Simplified Myers

    PS – I will teach the “Women” vs “Men” comparisons are another way of keeping society separate.

  30. courtney says:

    Great video.
    Spot on. So much marketing is hateful and lack ridden.
    Excellent content
    Thank you Johnathan

  31. Great video brotha! As always, you speak from the heart and exactly how you feel about certain things. This was absolutely a breakthrough for me to realize and pay attention to not only the marketing that is around us all but more importantly how we, ourselves as marketers are marketing. Empowering Marketing is absolutely the only way marketing should be done and I’ll make sure to implement this myself and share it with others. Boom :)

    • haha, I love it my friend!! That is a powerful realization you just had. The “empowerment” marketers will stand out above the rest… and invite everyone to rise up and be the BEST possible version of themselves. It’s the ONLY way to go! Look forward to seeing all the new creations coming out of your lab my friend.

  32. Courtney says:

    This was epic. Thank you for the enlightening video and for sharing a new truth that I want to operate out of from this point forward. Also, Winning the Story Wars is on it’s way to me!

  33. Great video JB..

    The formula will always work on the masses because the masses WANT and NEED the formula.

    There is a loooong history behind the concepts you’re talking about but they don’t start with marketing and advertising – they began with Hitler and his media-man Joseph Goerbles – look back (if you haven’t done already) at how the Nazi war machine used those same concepts to create a feeling of fear and inadequacy in the German people to create pain and then provide a solution to the German people during WW2.

    Bring that forward and you have a knowledge of human behaviour you can use to move the masses from one position/opinion to another with relatively little difficulty.

    Storytelling as we know it today in modern marketing is no different to what it was when leaders like Hitler, Mussolini, Churchill and others led their people into war.

    Your own battle cry is testament to this same thing JB..

    Enjoy the journey and remember we’re all here for just a tiny speck of time..


    • it will work as long as people don’t understand who they truly are, and don’t understand their true value. It works on our insecurities, our fears, and our doubts about ourselves. Once enough EMPOWERMENT marketers are telling new stories, that lead to a new image of ourselves as powerful, strong, beautiful human beings… we will turn the tides!! The B.S. inadequacy marketing will no longer work on an empowered individual. :)

  34. Thanks, JB. I have been waiting to hear this for a long time.

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