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Success Lessons from My Newborn…

Well, I’m 18 days into parenting.  And I finally “get it”.  haha, all those sleepless nights, what it is parents go through to raise a child, why they obsess about us so much as we move through life… it all finally makes sense now. :)

And it dawned on me there are a lot more lessons here than meets the eye. Here’s just one perspective that if applied, would literally make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to ever fail.  Enjoy today’s wisdom blast…

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Jonathan Budd

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Exciting New Announcement!

It’s time for all of us to step FULLY into creating our biggest dreams my friends…

It’s time to connect and to collaborate…   and follow our passions to create the true legacies we are meant to leave.  It’s time… for the new paradigm.  Check it out…

We’re pumped up!! :) More coming soon…

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Dream Come True! MyStand is Live – Join the Beta & Change the WORLD

I have been working on a dream project for almost 3 1/2 years now… and today, is the very first day, I am sharing that project with the world.  It’s time for humanity to unite, and overcome our biggest challenges together.  Lets do it.  Take your Stand. Join the Movement.  It Begins…

If you’re ready to get the app, visit our Official Website to get the whole story.

Or download the app directly from iTunes here.

Thank you for your participation in the creation of something epic. Lets make a difference.

Talk soon,

P.S. Please take your stand for the future you want to create, & invite others to do the same! We can only reach our goals together.

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Impeccability – The “Lost” Teaching of Success.

Well, today I’m going to attempt to explain something that’s not easy to explain.

The reason why is… there’s really so much more to express about this beyond the words I currently have.  None the less, seeing as this teaching of “Impeccability” plays such a crucial role in my life, my success, & my power…

… I felt I MUST attempt to teach it.  I hope you enjoy…

Once one has tasted the FRUIT of “Impeccable Living”… no other behavior in life is really acceptable.  And the power contained within your living reaches extraordinary new heights, previously inaccessible.

Impeccability is one of the universal keys to success.  I hope you dive much much deeper into this teaching of your own volition from this point forward.  It’s rewards know no bounds. :)

To your most powerful & beautiful life,
Jonathan Budd

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PARTY TIME! We’re Doing It Again… The 13 Secrets Encore.

Seriously, the video says it all…

It’s encore time my friends.  Watch THIS VIDEO.  It will explain it all, and you will fully realize why we have to PARTY HEART on Friday night.

And here’s where you can register for our Friday night, condensed version of the ENTIRE 13 Secrets to a 6-7 Figure Pay-Per-Click marketing business.  If you want to soak up even more, then this is the place to be.  If you missed something because we crammed too much, this is the place to be.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you were one of the 1720 people who weren’t able to make it on the webinar… then THIS is the place to be, and we are seriously doing this exclusively for you.  I just didn’t feel right knowing that many people didn’t get a chance to learn LIVE from us, and be a part of the phenomenal energy that happened Tuesday night.

That’s why we’re doing it Again… Register here now.

Title: “The 13 Secrets To Building A 7 Figure
Business Using Pay-Per-Click Marketing ‘Encore’

Date:  Friday, September 25, 2009
Time:  5:00 PM – 6:30 PM PDT

Register now by clicking the link below:


I will see you Friday night for our pay-per-click BASH we’re throwing. :) And I really look forward to being able to help everyone who wants it have more epiphanies and more breakthroughs in their business.  We’ll see you there.

All the best,
Jonathan Budd

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