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I can not believe I pulled this off in 4 minutes!!  You gotta see it to believe it

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How I lost $500,000…

Well, in entrepreurship most of the time people only want to focus on their “wins”.  You get the rosy picture… but not really the whole picture ya know.

The ironic thing is… you seldom EVER learn from your wins.  For some odd reasons, wins don’t really teach you.  Wins are the RESULTS of what you learned from your losses. They are the results from your EARNED experience, usually from situations that aren’t nearly as fun. :)

Yet no matter how much you redesign your belief systems to be “ok” with losses, with challenges, with losing, or whatever it may be… it still SUCKS.

And the “SUCK” is exactly what leads to learning. haha, because no one wants to keep experiencing “suck” over and over and over.

So… I figured I’d share a real life story of a major loss, the lessons I learned from it, and hopefully it will provide some guidance to you going forward I didn’t have.

It all started with FEAR

Back in 2008, when the economy took a MAJOR nose dive, and fire & brimstone was being preached from the rafters… I made a $150,000 investment mostly into gold & some silver.  Right at that time… the precious metals really started taking off too. So just like everyone else, I kept buying. I ended up buying another $450,000 of silver at $37 an ounce.  Plus, I bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of silver & gold ETF’s, and other stocks basically shorting the market.

The Disaster was already forming…

You see, my education is not in INVESTING.  I haven’t spent 10,000 hours learning that skill, becoming a master, networking with all the top investors, practicing & studying day in and day out.

When you’re an amateur investor… you invest where your SKILLS are not.
I really wasn’t even yet qualified to invest my own money on that scale.

You see, when it comes to making money… you have to find your GOLDEN skill.  You have to find that thing you do better then anyone else, whatever it is.  You have to DEVELOP it, focus in on it, hone it to a perfect science… and once you’ve developed that skill, you have it for life.  You will be able to make money whenever you want.

My skills earned me many many millions of dollars, but I had not yet earned the skill of what to do with that money once I actually had it.  Nor had I really developed an understanding of just how much money that was.  I had no reference point, nothing to really compare it too.

One day, I was a kid sitting in my parent’s basement, the next day… I was a kid sitting in my parent’s basement with $1,000,000.  haha, it was a pretty drastic & fast shift… and I had ZERO mentors, reference points, or guidance on what to do next.

So, naturally when all the information started coming out about the economy, I jumped on the bandwagon of what made sense at the time… and started investing my money into things I didn’t TRULY understand.  If you don’t have a plan for what you’re going to do with your money… it finds it’s own way to disapear.  Trust me.  If “idle time” is the devils playground… “idle money” is the devils cash cow!!

There are really TWO major major major lessons here.

#1: NEVER invest in something that isn’t your skill.

#2: NEVER invest in anything outside your core values.

I’ll start with the first one… my SKILL is in building businesses.  I am an entrepreneur. I’m a visionary type. I see things often before others see them… and I go where others often might be afraid to go.  In addition, I am about as passionate as they come about visions I believe in… and can enroll someone in just about anything as long as it’s a vision I believe in.

That’s my skill.  THAT is where I should stay FOCUSED.  I never should of started spending time on Etrade, investing in stocks, watching markets… blah blah blah.  It was a complete waste of time, it was out of my skill zone, and I will never be as good as the guy who spends 10,000 hours doing that.

This experience has taught me that you need a wealth TEAM.  You need a TEAM around you that compliments your skill sets, including building wealth.  Because making money, & creating & retaining wealth are entirely different skills.

Over the last year I’ve actually started to seek out advisors, mentors, & team mates who have the skills that compliment my own when it comes to wealth.  In addition to this… I’ve learned the secret to the SINGLE greatest investment and I’m going to share that at the end of this post.  For now, on to the next lesson…

#2: Investing in your VALUES.

You know, the truth is… I knew something was off about my investments.  They were ALL so fear based.  They were all predicated on the fact that the world was SCREWED.  That global chaos was coming, dollar was crashing, and shit was going DOWN.

At my core… I’ve really dedicated my life to making a difference in some way.  My life is about contribution, and it’s about the difference I can make for future generations to make sure our world does NOT get screwed up… and end up like most movies depict now a days.  A barren, resource stripped, impovershised planet with a tiny fraction of super elites ruling everything.  That is NOT a vision I want to see happen any more than it already is.  We need to reverse that trend… not speed it up!!

Yet… the ironic thing was where I was putting my money was betting that this WOULD happen.  I was putting my money AGAINST the future I want to create.  I was betting on one thing, but what I actually VALUE is in an entirely different direction.  And I didn’t even realize it.

I think there is a great truth in investing aligned with your values.  And I spent a good amount of time beating myself up… because my “intiution” knew this.

In August 2011, I took a remarkable trip to the Amazon rain forest with my favorite NGO the “pachamama alliance”.  Silver & gold were at an all time PEAK, and right in the middle of that trip, during a ceremony we were conducting with the indigenous tribe we were staying with, I got the intution I was playing for the WRONG TEAM.   I was on the wrong side.  This voice told me that these investments were NOT aligned with my true values!! Or the future I wanted to create for the world.

I literally heard a voice tell me to sell ALL my silver, gold, stocks… everything.  It told me I was playing for the wrong team, and to get out.  It hit me like a ton of bricks in the moment, & felt so clear & unrefutable.

Yet somehow… after I left the Amazon I began to rationalize… “well, maybe I’ll hold on just a bit longer.  You never know, things are crazy now… this could be the only thing that keeps me safe”.  Somehow as I got farther from that potent energy… my mind was not yet as advanced as my spirit.  And I wasn’t able to listen to that deep deep intuition.

And I kid you not, 2 weeks, 2 freaking weeks after I heard the little voice tell me I was playing for the wrong team and to sell everything… Gold & silver PLUMMETED.  $10 an ounce in 2 days for silver… almost the largest drop ever.  And from that moment… it just
kept going down, down, down, and down.  I took a brutal beating on all the stocks & ETF’s, and since those were 3x long… meaning they move 3x the direction of the market… that $10 drop in silver per ounce was 3x as PAINFUL.

It’s unbelievable how our OWN intuition often will try to speak to us… but if we aren’t yet developed enough to listen… we will pass right by some of the greatest advice we may ever get.  The greatest advice doesn’t come from some expert, or authority… it often comes right from WITHIN US… but we have to trust ourselves, know ourselves enough to be able to LISTEN, and apply our own inner wisdom.

Finally, after holding on for 2 more years and being completely miserable… I sold at $19 an ounce.  lol… now that’s a lesson.  In fact, this has been one of the biggest “investment” lessons of my life.

From the moment it started crashing, that investment became toxic in my life.  Every single time I thought about it… I was angry.  Literally, every time.  It was like emotional poison… and I just kept hanging on.  Kept fearing taking that big of a loss, and it just kept going lower.

There were times when I wanted to sell… but I would say, “nah, it’s already this low, maybe I’ll just wait. It has to come back up sometime”.

Well, it never did.  And because I often have to learn the hard way… After much struggle I finally made the choice that no money is worth how I feel.  No money is worth my happiness, peace, and satisfaction. And I needed to free myself from the chains I had created.  So I sold it all, without any regard what “spot price” was… just to get rid of it and free myself.

It’s not just people that can be toxic in our lives, or addictions, or environments… it’s CHOICES we make as well.  That investment became toxic when it started triggering me into old patterns of thinking, anger, negative self talk, and even rage.  The MOMENT it became toxic… that’s when I needed to let it go.  That’s when I needed to take care of MYSELF, and value MYSELF… over the investment or possible financial gain.

All of this was completely enflamed by the fact this investment was not in alignment with my core values to begin with!!  If it is for something you believe in… then often times it’s worth whatever it takes to see your goal through to fruition.  You can endure hardship, and challenges, because of how much you believe in what you’re fighting for.

But if an investment becomes about fear, or greed… and there aren’t really fundamentals beneath it that you believe in…  You might be setting yourself up for disaster just like me.

From this point forward… I’ve vowed to only invest in companies I believe in.  To only invest in the direction I want the world to GO IN.  To keep my investments aligned with my core values.  And to build a team around me that compliments my skills.

My skill is not investing, nor should it be. It’s absolutely impossible for us to master every & all skills we need to become incredibly wealthy in our lifetime.  The #1 skill we truly need to master is when to ask for HELP when we need it. When to be humble and open.  And how to find amazing people you can trust, and build great teams of people.

I promise, that is the ULTIMATE skill.

In retrospect, I also should of had stop gaps built in, so that as soon as the investment became emotionally toxic I sold it, no matter what was happening.  The big thing here… is investments shouldn’t damage your emotions!  The most precious resource we truly have, is our emotional energy.  And what sucks us down emotionally… will also suck us down physically, financially, and spiritually.

Emotional energy is truly the life blood of our spirit.  It must be protected, cherished, & nourished.

And lastly… here’s what I learned is the greatest investment of all.  YOURSELF.

Here I was running around looking for what to invest my money in… when sitting right in front of me I could have been investing in all MY businesses!!  I could of taken that money to find & hire a CEO to take over one of my companies… freeing me up to focus fully on the next.  I could of hired CTO’s, to totally change the technology game for me… and fill in some of the missing gaps existing on some of my teams.

There are a MILLION different ways I could have invested that money right back into MYSELF, and my companies, which had the greatest potential ROI’s of all!  There’s almost no investment that even comes close to the potential you have to build an amazing company… as long as you’re going for your dreams, and following your heart.

Why chase all these other rabbits?  The golden goose is sitting right here… and it’s US.

So, my hope is that by losing all the money I have over the last few years… I’m preventing myself from losing 100x more as I do bigger & better things in the future.  In fact, I would say that’s probably a guarantee. :)

I know we most often need to “learn for ourselves”… because humans are pretty stubborn & seldom listen to advice they haven’t paid greatly for.  But if you are one of the rare people who prefers the road of less struggle…  Remember these lessons today.  I promise they will save you a lot of time, money, & emotional energy.

And I’m not even charging! :)

Keep rocking my friends!

Yours in Success,
Jonathan Budd

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the “Pre-Cursor” to ALL Success. [a fundamental warrior training]

My friends… this is quite possibly one of the most important distinctions you will EVER be able to learn about success.  This is the difference, between the 5% who succeed… and the 95% who are not quite there yet.

If you want to BE THERE… then you must understand the secret “pre-cursor”… that we so often miss.  Watch this video in full to gain this secret knowledge.  Enjoy…

If you’re more ready to create the life you KNOW you are capable of in FULL after watching this video, then please leave me your comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

I will speak with you soon.  Some very big things are about to happen.

Yours in Mastery,
Jonathan Budd

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How LOVE Deeply Affects Success. [essential talk entrepreneurs should understand]

Today’s talk is a DEEP one, that has the power to really change your life if you let it.  It’s the knowledge contained within this talk that I feel is responsible for helping me to create one of the largest network marketing and online marketing audiences in the world.

If it helped me do that… which has led to millions of dollars for me every year for the past 5 years, then I can only imagine what it might be able to do for you.

Listen to today’s teaching below now…

Soak up the LOVE. :)   And we’ll speak soon.

Yours in Mastery,
Jonathan Budd

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The REAL & ONLY Equation For Success. [You Must Understand This to EVER Succeed]

My friends,  I have a very important video for you to watch & enjoy today.  This video truly sums up the greatest success equation I believe that exists in the world, and truthfully the only one that will EVER actually bring you what you’re truly looking for.

Watch this important video now to take a quantum leap in your own understanding of success.  Enjoy…

Please leave your comment below, and share this with many of your friends if you find it helpful.  We have a lot of work to do helping society think bigger, and understand this equation more.

But rest assured, if we don’t want to be the only “free” and abundant thinkers on the planet, then we need to expand our community. :) So share away, and lets change the tide to a more successful humanity together.

We’ll speak soon.

Yours in Abundance,
Jonathan Budd

P.S. If you want to take me up on my challenge, then post your comment below.  I want to hear what your #1 values are… and what you’re going to be truly COMMITTED to living from this point out.  I can’t wait to hear…

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