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I almost didn’t want to share this about Network Marketing / Online… But it NEEDS to be Said.

Hey guys,

Some people may not want to hear thisbut it needs to be said.  There is so much BS in our industry today.  Honestly, so much BS.  I think a majority of people have forgotten why they are here, what entrepreneurship is really about, and are just chasing transactions.   That is not our highest potential.  That’s not what we came on planet earth to do.  And it’s not how we reach our BIGGEST success.

This video is a reminder in a lot of ways about what you are actually capable of, and what you REALLY came here to do.  Lets “reset the mindset” of a majority of the industry… and really go change the game.  I hope you enjoy.

Jonathan Budd

P.S. please share this if you think the message needs to be heard… and you are DOWN to help reset the mindset of the industry.

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Personal Update On My Life

It’s been a wild and crazy year.  I’ve found the courage to do what I haven’t been able to do before… and it feels amazing. Here’s an update for all the friends and people in my life, I appreciate you.  And I hope this adds value and inspires you to truly step into your full potential in life.

It’s calling for you, beckoning you forward.  Answer the call! :)

With love,
Jonathan Budd

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Change Fearlessly

We have a special video for you today.  For all those who have ever set out boldly in a new direction, and have stumbled along the way.  Here is some guidance for how to NOT revert back to your old ways, but to COURAGOUSLY discover the new lands of success you desire…

Please share this with your friends if it was valuable to you.  Appreciate you and may your journey be empowered to reach new heights today.

With love,
Jonathan & Laura

P.S. Would love for you to leave in the comments below one old pattern that you normally revert back to when you get triggered, or are afraid… and what virtue are you going to REPLACE it with today?

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Live Like A True Leader

Today’s message is short and powerful.  It will call forward your TRUE capacity.  Watch it now…

I love you guys & gals.  Remember to watch for life’s mirrors. :)

Talk soon,

P.S. please share this with your friends on facebook and twitter.  I know they’ll appreciate it.

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What Happened to Jonathan Budd?

Well, this video has been 18 months in the making.  And it was hard for me to share.  It’s really personal, and vulnerable… but I feel I had to share it.  You might have noticed, I haven’t been as much of “me” over the last 18 months, and there’s a pretty definitive reason why. Here’s what happened…

Love you all. And if I let you down in any way over the last 18 months, I hope you can forgive me.

Your friend,
Jonathan Budd

P.S. if you think any of our mutual friends or contacts would enjoy seeing this, please feel free to share with them.

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