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Check out some of the recent trips I took last year hanging out with friends partners, or whomever in different places all over the globe!

Why You NEED to Be Cash Strapped… (+more about our relationship)

Hey guys & gals.

I got 2 things for you today.   #1: where do we go from here? It’s quite obvious that my business has changed a lot in the recent years, and I do not focus on Internet Marketing much any more.  What does this mean for my list, for you, etc?  I attempt to answer where I’m at in the first part of this video.

#2: In alignment with that, I share a crazy experience I’ve gone through as of lately of being more cash strapped than I have been in years, and why it’s paradoxically so important to succeeding as an entrepreneur.  Seriously, this is a key key key training to understand if you want to be truly successful.

Watch this video…

I appreciate you a lot.  Our relationship is going to change moving forward from here, and I know it’s only going to get better.  I hope you enjoy the next leg of my journey, and learn even more from it than anything we’ve shared in the past.

With love,

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What Happened to Jonathan Budd?

Well, this video has been 18 months in the making.  And it was hard for me to share.  It’s really personal, and vulnerable… but I feel I had to share it.  You might have noticed, I haven’t been as much of “me” over the last 18 months, and there’s a pretty definitive reason why. Here’s what happened…

Love you all. And if I let you down in any way over the last 18 months, I hope you can forgive me.

Your friend,
Jonathan Budd

P.S. if you think any of our mutual friends or contacts would enjoy seeing this, please feel free to share with them.

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Masterminding, “Millionaire Minds”, & MOMENTUM…

My friends! :)

It’s important that as we work on our business… we take some time out to have fun.  In fact, sometimes working on our business IS FUN.  I thought I’d share a recent “Business Mastermind” experience we had at my home in San Diego with our top affiliates to prove just that point.

You might find this quite inspiring… as one day very very soon YOU could be hanging out with us at these masterminds. :) Oh… and as always, I thought I’d share a teaching with you about “momentum” and how it works to create success in your business.


Soak it up my friends! Soak it up.  If you follow the teachings, and you simply NEVER quit… it’s inevitable that one day you will create the life you KNOW you are meant to be living.


Let’s speak soon.

Yours in Mastery,
Jonathan Budd

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A New Years Teaching From My Spontaneous Trip to Europe…

So… if you’re wondering why I’ve been quiet the last few weeks.  Here’s the deal…

I decided to take a spontaneous last minute trip to Europe for New Years, & I had so much damn fun I pretty much fell off the earth.  Never the less… in true Jonathan Budd fashion I’m always thinking of YOU, my fellow community member, and I recorded a very special video for you to help your 2012 be the most EPIC year possible.

Seriously… it’s 2012.  This is an EPIC year.  Lets make sure we take full advantage of it, and we choose to live in the most fruitful, powerful, & ENJOYABLE manner we could possibly live in.  This video will help.

Here’s today’s adventure…

When you truly realize what you are COMMITTED to, and you bring your “unconscious commitments” to the light… it gives you a new found power to CHOOSE how your future will unfold.

You get to CHOOSE a probable outcome for your future… by being committed to the actions, thoughts, attitudes, & emotions that will create the future you want. It’s only when our commitments are unconscious, that we end up creating results that leave us wondering… “how the heck did I get here?”.

Today’s video will help make sure you start 2012 genuinely committed to what you truly want… & leave the baggage behind.  Put these teachings to real use.

Oh, and if you want to see a couple of the countries I visited on this trip… enjoy the pictures below.  :) It’s truly a beautiful thing when you can decide you want to go to Europe for new years… and a week later you are there. Here’s to freedom!

“Kicking It Off in Krakow, Poland!”

Exploring Imperial Vienna in Austria!

Night Time in Prague, Czech Republic!

Marveling at More Prague Beauty…

In London, England With Big Ben!

My first time Ice Skating!

Hiding Out at a Salvador Dali Exhibition, one of my Favorite Artists!

The Classic Polish Diet…

This Sums Up A Good Amount of European Culture!

Well, it’s time to get back to it my friends.  Plus, I think I have a few pounds to work off from this trip. Heh, but it was a life well lived!

Enjoy yourselves amigo’s… and I’m serious about making this the most epic year of our lives ever. Leave me your comment if you’re COMMITTED to making that happen. :)

Speak soon.

Your friend,
Jonathan Budd

P.S. If your friends or followers should hear this message for their New Year… please share it with them. :)

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My Journey Into the Heart of Everywhere… (breathtaking amazon mini-film released!)

It is my sincere intention that you are inspired to live your FULLEST life, take on your BIGGEST challenges, & aspire to create powerful new levels of success for yourself on whole new dimensions by the insights, beauty, and knowledge you will gain from this film.

Let it guide you to your OWN strength, power, & purpose.  Take in the Magic of the Rain Forest. And reflect on what it is that truly drives YOU to get out of bed every day, and take inspired action towards creating the life you really want for yourself.

Without further ado my friends… enjoy the “Journey Into the Heart of Everywhere”

I can’t wait to connect with you more, and I’m looking forward to seeing YOUR inspired results in life from applying everything you know.

If you just recall one thing from this film… remember that “We Can’t Even IMAGINE the True Cost of Giving Up On Ourselves.  The Price We Pay is Unimaginable.”

And if you haven’t watched that part of the film… please do.  Because it very well may be the part that gets you through some of your toughest times.  Enjoy my friends!

We’ll speak soon.

All the best,
Jonathan Budd

P.S. please share this journey with your friends & followers!  (and click the like button!) We must spread the magic. :)

P.P.S much footage did not make the final cut.  I left out zip-lining, horse back adventuring, and many other experiences that happened on this journey… so that you would have only the most relevant footage to see the Amazon.  I wanted the message I received from that Jungle, and the Achuar… to be felt loud and clear because if it’s even 1/10 as powerful as it was for me being there… it really can change everything.

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