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Jonathan in Peru

Well, what can I say? I’m a crazy kid, who believes absolutely anything is possible in life, and the world is simply my playground where I create freedom, joy, abundance, and prosperity for myself, and all those who I come in contact with.
I’ve had the good fortune of KNOWING just how powerful our ‘Intentions’ and ‘Abilities’ are… so when I stumbled into Network Marketing as a 21 year old punk just about to graduate college… something in my guts just KNEW I could do it. Of course, I failed MISERABLY for the first 9 months and experienced what it felt like to work, struggle, and endure constant challenges, obstacles, and set backs. And I am SO THANKFUL for that time words can’t even express it.
That time of failure, and defeat, taught me MORE about who I am than
almost anything else. The reason why is… because I NEVER stopped.

Even amidst what seemed like a ‘hopeless’ situation… I just NEVER stopped. I never stopped KNOWING that I could do it, and taking the correct action steps to make it happen.

I never stopped seeking solutions, I never stopped my unquenchable thirst for freedom. I never lost sight of my visions, my goals, and the higher purpose I felt for what I was really here to do.

I didn’t turn away, and run off looking for security in the face of INSECURITY.

I accepted everything that was happening, I looked within myself, and I FOUND the strength inside to just keep going.

And if you do that my friends… your OWN Inner Strength will take you to some amazing places. All you have to do is look within, and really FIND IT, and it will bring you to the promise land.

Less then 3 years after stumbling onto the Internet, and devoting myself to this task of entrepreneurship, a Multi-Million dollar company has been created right in front of my face.

Downlines have been built of thousands and thousands of people in multiple different companies in some of the fastest time periods ever.

Infrastructures are in place to just continue to pump out leads, cash flow, and never ending income… to the tune of millions annually and growing. And the funny thing is… I just never had a doubt.

So the greatest gift I can now share… is this gift of challenging YOU to look within yourself and find the same strength, the same power that is contained within ALL OF US.

This power is INFINITELY creative, and when you tap
into it there are no boundaries to what it can do.

This blog is dedicated to sharing the information, the knowledge, the wisdom, the insights, and many of the strategies I have uncovered that have changed my life, and given me a power to CREATE and live FREELY that unfortunately many do not see…

Take the time to comb through the video teachings, and all that you will find here, because I can promise you this blog will be a place of great nourishment for you if you’re looking to truly create freedom in life. (And I mean that in many senses of the word)

Make sure to follow me on twitter, and friend me on the other social networks! And we’ll be speaking soon my friends.

Yours In Success And Freedom,
Jonathan Budd

82 Responses to About Jonathan Budd

  1. Vernon says:

    Can you tell us more about this? I’d want to find out more details.

  2. j says:

    Seek Jesus and HE will solve all of your problems, nothing else will. God Bless.

  3. Des Vadgama says:

    Hi Jonathan

    Great message. And keep up the good work.


  4. Beverley Mandseth says:

    Hi Jonathon,
    I have been on your mailing list for a very long time,just about from the beginning. Whenever I see an email from you
    it is opened right away as I always find both your emails & your videos so inspiring & so true. Your honesty, integrity &
    wish to help those you come in contact with always shines through in your messages & videos. I am finding myself
    deleting emails (without reading them) & unsubscribing from many lists I have been on for yrs because all they seem
    to be interested in these days is spamming you to push products (most of it garbage) and I wanted to let you know
    you are very much appreciated & its very refreshing to receive your emails & all the information you pass on to help
    other people gain success.

    • Greg Quimby says:

      Amen, Beverley I couldn’t have said it better myself. I feel the exact same way. Jonathan always really comes across as such a genuine, good hearted person with so much knowledge and inspiration, it truly is refreshing. Thanks again for everything you do for everyone you help and truly care for.

  5. Joe says:

    Hello JB,

    Have you seen or heard about this company and what they are doing ? http://www.napower.biz/157532

  6. marlene says:

    Que gusto que hayas conocido mi pais especialmente el Cusco MACHUPICCHO, tendras algun traductor en tu paguina para poder entender mas c laro lo que nos trasmites ya que manejo poco el ingles.. garacias

  7. This was an absolutely great video.

  8. mintoor de Kock says:

    Hi Mr. JB. i like what i hear and see im blessed by your insprational energy yu r so Positive no doubt or fear can stand in This reality,the other day a thought came to me That the is here NOW to Xhaust all Possibilities. Will you teach me more unstoppable staff. thanx a million, Minty.

  9. Anibal Fernandez says:

    Hey JB! just want to post that you are my favourite motivator!
    I use to enter at this blog to empower myself and others with your messages!
    It seems that you have done a great-super job at mastering-comunicating your ideas & feelings!
    Besides having a natural gift to market yourself and your contribution to life!!!
    Thanks for being you… it really inspire me to go thrue my path & being authentically!!!

    Big Hugs JB!

  10. Do you realize how absolutely fantastic you are?

  11. Robert Skiba says:

    It can be rare to discover a professional person in whom you can have some trust. In the world at present, nobody actually cares about showing others the solution in this matter. How fortunate I am to have found a really wonderful site as this. It really is people like you who make a genuine difference in this world through the strategies they discuss.Thank you Jonathan. Thanks again.

  12. David Domm says:

    Thanks Jonathan for being you, leading the way, teaching the truth, and
    never giving up. You are an inspiration. Much gratitude!

  13. Hey Big J, bro i gotta tell you, you are a great inspiration to me! The things you have done and accomplished have helped me and countless others to see that Success in life and in this industry Is just as easy as putting your mind to it! I always knew I could have success just by thinking about it, but you constantly remind me of my goals and purpose which is to become all I can be so i can help others just the way you have! Heck I’ve been following you since i was 20 years old, And you helped me to follow my dreams and never lose sight of my vision for myself! You have helped me to never stop working toward my goal, and to find my own inner strength that keeps pushing me forward even when it seems like there is no hope! I just want to say it’s a joy knowing you and I want to just thank you for existing!

  14. Kasia says:

    nothing more to add… “I’m a crazy kid, who believes absolutely anything is possible in life, and the world is simply my playground where I create freedom, joy, abundance, and prosperity for myself, and all those who I come in contact with.”


  15. Hi Jonathan,am quite thankful for your genorosity of sharing information than can really lead to great life transforamtion and financial freedom.Keep it up brother.Next time you think of coming to Africa, think Kenya and we shall be ready to receive you.

  16. Hello Johnathan, Congrats on your success and keep doin what you are doin…for others it is appreciated. Thanks, Smilin!

  17. Thank u very much Jonathan for being a respectiful guy who helps the nation with business ideas, i would like to invite you to Botswana to cum nd network or facilitate,educating my lovely country. God bless u i like u so much u re such a darlin.

  18. Marta says:

    Hi Jonathan, I want so say thank you for all the information you provide, I always check my email to see if there some new content from you. Love your picture, I hope you enjoyed Peru.

  19. Trinadh says:

    hi, jonathan thanks for the information that you are giving…….when you gone to manchu pichhu

  20. Trinadh says:

    Thanq jonathan for giving this kind of good information…….and when you gone to manchu pichhu

  21. ramachandran says:

    Thank you Jonathan. Thanks again. It is from my inner soul. I learned a lot lot from you. You are truly a entreprenure. God bless you. Keep writing.



  22. JimmySuccess says:

    Hi Jonathan, nice picture there. Where was that taken? Seems like a peaceful and quiet place to relax your mind.

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