The Absolute Way to Succeed Despite Uncertainty

Friends!  It’s been a while. I miss you.  I hope your life has been evolving fantastically, and you keep growing as a human being and an entrepreneur.  Since today is the last day of 2015, I felt COMPELLED to share a message with you.

Please enjoy one of my biggest learnings of 2015, and I hope it helps you CHARGE through uncertainty in your life and overcome ANYTHING in your way to success.  You are capable, powerful, strong, and beautiful!  Go make it happen, I know you can.

Wishing you and your family infinite blessings, happiness, and success in 2016.  Please like and share this video if you think it’s something those in your life or on your list also would appreciate.

All my best,
Jonathan Budd

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I almost didn’t want to share this about Network Marketing / Online… But it NEEDS to be Said.

Hey guys,

Some people may not want to hear thisbut it needs to be said.  There is so much BS in our industry today.  Honestly, so much BS.  I think a majority of people have forgotten why they are here, what entrepreneurship is really about, and are just chasing transactions.   That is not our highest potential.  That’s not what we came on planet earth to do.  And it’s not how we reach our BIGGEST success.

This video is a reminder in a lot of ways about what you are actually capable of, and what you REALLY came here to do.  Lets “reset the mindset” of a majority of the industry… and really go change the game.  I hope you enjoy.

Jonathan Budd

P.S. please share this if you think the message needs to be heard… and you are DOWN to help reset the mindset of the industry.

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What Happened to Jonathan Budd part 2

About 20 months ago I made a really vulnerable video.  It’s gotten over 20,000+ views since then, and people continue to write me about it frequently.  Seeing that it struck a chord, I decided to make a follow up.  I hope you enjoy…

(note: I’m sorry for slim look on the vid, I didn’t notice that until it was done.
When reflecting on the fact it would be another week before I had time to
redo this, I felt more important to just share the message with you now.)

I am a stand for your full potential in life.  I believe you are capable of ANYTHING that spirit puts inside your mind and heart.  It’s there for a reason… and we should not be stopped by what we are unwilling to face.   Sometimes just knowing another has faced challenges too is enough for you to know YOU CAN DO IT!!

Be unstoppable my friends.  Be courageous.  Your visions are worth it.

To your success,
Jonathan Budd

P.S. thank you for the love and support!  Its been an amazing, and different, last 2 years.  But god knows I am more excited for what’s to come than ever… and I know doing the deep personal work I’ve done has prepared me for my destiny.  If you think another could benefit from this message, please share with your network.

P.P.S I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Why You NEED to Be Cash Strapped… (+more about our relationship)

Hey guys & gals.

I got 2 things for you today.   #1: where do we go from here? It’s quite obvious that my business has changed a lot in the recent years, and I do not focus on Internet Marketing much any more.  What does this mean for my list, for you, etc?  I attempt to answer where I’m at in the first part of this video.

#2: In alignment with that, I share a crazy experience I’ve gone through as of lately of being more cash strapped than I have been in years, and why it’s paradoxically so important to succeeding as an entrepreneur.  Seriously, this is a key key key training to understand if you want to be truly successful.

Watch this video…

I appreciate you a lot.  Our relationship is going to change moving forward from here, and I know it’s only going to get better.  I hope you enjoy the next leg of my journey, and learn even more from it than anything we’ve shared in the past.

With love,

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Welcome to 2015. This is the most Powerful New Years growth practice I’ve ever used…

Last year I stumbled onto something that has proven to be MIRACULOUSLY powerful.  It’s one of the best practices I’ve ever had, and has helped me grow LEAPS & bounds.  This year, I decided to share this personal practice with you, and I hope it takes you to whole new levels of growth & awareness. Happy New Year. :)

I’m pretty excited about 2015.  I got a feeling it’s going to be a very interesting year, largely in part because of what I describe and share in this video.  I hope you enjoy.

Your Friend,
Jonathan Budd

P.S. If you think many others will benefit from this practice, please share it with as many people as you want.  Rock on!

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