Exciting New Announcement!

It’s time for all of us to step FULLY into creating our biggest dreams my friends…

It’s time to connect and to collaborate…   and follow our passions to create the true legacies we are meant to leave.  It’s time… for the new paradigm.  Check it out…

We’re pumped up!! :) More coming soon…

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Surrender to Succeed

Today’s video is the biggest thing I’m working on in my life right now to create entirely NEW levels of success.  It’s unbelievably important… and something I know we all need to learn in order to succeed wildly.  It’s what the best and smartest in the world often do naturally… enjoy today’s teaching.

If you think the people in your life could benefit from hearing this (and maybe even give you more of a break! haha) then please share it with them.

Talk soon!
Jonathan Budd

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REAL TALK: You Are Worth Success – Heal What’s Stopping You & Move Forward

My friends… are you ready for this?  REAL TALK

Click play below &  watch today’s video.

Sorry I went a little over 4 minutes, but… it’s worth it.  This topic is too important to be skimped, and is honestly 75% of what success is all about.  Enjoy.

Talk later,
Jonathan Budd

P.S. please share this with all those on facebook & social media who you think need to hear this!!

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Dream Come True! MyStand is Live – Join the Beta & Change the WORLD

I have been working on a dream project for almost 3 1/2 years now… and today, is the very first day, I am sharing that project with the world.  It’s time for humanity to unite, and overcome our biggest challenges together.  Lets do it.  Take your Stand. Join the Movement.  It Begins…

If you’re ready to get the app, visit our Official Website to get the whole story.

Or download the app directly from iTunes here.

Thank you for your participation in the creation of something epic. Lets make a difference.

Talk soon,

P.S. Please take your stand for the future you want to create, & invite others to do the same! We can only reach our goals together.

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How to create the most amazing life ever. [Flying Machine Included]

My friends, please watch today’s video if you want to create the most amazing life ever.  Enjoy!

If you enjoyed this, please like & share with your friends! Lets spread the word. :)

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